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Propoints in Nandos?

Nando's Chickens Chicken Breast, quarter 1 portion(s) 11
Nando's Chickens Chicken Wings (3) 1 portion(s) 4
Nando's Chickens Chicken Wings (10) 1 portion(s) 15
Nando's Sidelines Sweet Potato Mash 1 portion(s) 5
Nando's Sides & Extras Grilled Halloumi Cheese 1 portion(s) 2
Nando's Sides & Extras Toasted Pitta Bread 1 portion(s) 6
Nando's Specials Prego Steak Roll 1 portion(s) 11
Nando's Burgers & Pitta Chicken Breast Fillet Burger 1 portion(s) 11
Nando's Burgers & Pitta Chicken Breast Fillet Pitta 1 portion(s) 12
Nando's Nandinos Chicken Breast Fillet Strips 1 portion(s) 5
Nando's Sidelines Corn on the Cob 1 serving(s) 4
Nando's Wraps Chicken Breast Fillet Wrap 1 portion(s) 17
Nando's Sidelines Coleslaw 1 regular 5
Nando's Sidelines Ratatouille 1 portion(s) 4
Nando's Sides & Extras Chips 1 portion(s) 9
Nando's Sides & Extras Nando's Mixed Leaf Salad 1 portion(s) 1
Nando's Chickens Chicken, half 1 portion(s) 17

HTH! I love Nando's. Anything else that I have not posted?
That is fab thanks Sally!

Looking forward to it even more now I know I can stick within my daily pro-points too.

J'Adore Weight Watchers!!!!!!!!

I know I'm late on the uptake here but just for future reference:
The spicy rice is 5 pp and it's amazing!
Going for a nandos tomorrow, thanks for all of the chicken values, and I never knew that corn on the cob was 4 i'd been pointing it as 6 which means i can have more sauce ;) yay
thanks so much for this!!! my friends are forever wanting to go to nandos and now i can know how much everything is. yay!! suprised at how low the portion of grilled halloumi is, its sooo yummy!! x
Nandos have recently changed thier website and have the nutritional values for everything on there its fab! so much easier to work things out, hate guessing.

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