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Propoints v points - newbie

Hi All,

I'm new to this forum. A little about me. Been overweight 20 years. Was on WW point and lost 3st5lb taking me to 14 stone the day I found out I was pregnant with my eldest. She's now 2 and a half and I also have had another little one since, she's 9 months old. I'm weighing in now at 16st4 and need to get my butt in gear and loose some weight. I was diabetic both times I was pregnant and know I'm high risk now do need to do this. Plus my 40th is fast aproaching and I'd love to be slimmer than now by then. Deep down I know I can do it but wanted to ask your advice first. Is the new plan easy to understand and as effective as the old one? I loved the old plan. Made loosing weight so easy. I intend to start classes next week (Monday) but will be attempting to be good prior to!
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hello :)

i find this plan really easy to follow ! i've never been one for diets as i always felt deprived of things i love but i love that as long as i stay in my points i can have anything :D

i never tried the old plan but this one is great! :) i was 16 stone when i started and got to my 10% on thursday last week which was after only 10 weeks on the plan ... i'm now 14.5 ... still got a long way to go but every week (... well all except 1 naughty week) its gone down :)
Thanks. Good to know. Quite nervous as this is no longer about looking better asy previous weight loss aims have been but about preserving my health for the sake of children. Lot riding on it! No pressure eh.
yeah the kids put pressure on us without even doing anything don't they..... but at the same time they are good at keeping us motivated and healthy ! my daughter is 4 now and at school so although i started the diet at the end of the July the first bit was just to loose some weight for my mates wedding and now its for me (and for my daughter).

but i do see this as more about a healthier life then just a diet.... i know over time i'll have the odd gain and events that happen so i won't be sticking to the diet but as long as most weeks i'm loosing then i'm headed in the right direction and its all good :) and as long as i let the one off stay at just that and not being 6 out of the 7 days of the week :D


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I never did the old plan (well, not since the idea of points first came about around 15 years ago) so I can't comment on that, but I'm loving the new plan. It's absolutely the most flexible and practical weight loss plan I've ever used, I'd recommend it to anyone.

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