Protein bars. Sorry Canada again


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They are everywhere! Different sorts of protein/meal replacement bars.

In sweet shops, drugstores, on the subways...everywhere you can buy a kit kat, you can buy a protein bar.

It's so easy to get hold of them unlike the UK.

Also there are masses of diet pills in the chemists and healthstores. I was really surprised. America...yes, but didn't expect it in Canada.

Managed to resist buying either, but I did think they were lucky to have such an easy source of protein bars if you wanted to use it for maintenance or just to replace a meal.
Hi Karion Dieting,

It would be great if we had the same here regarding easy to put your hands on a protein bar as sometimes it is easy to be out and feel hungry and it would help.

Love Mini xxx
You have to watch yourself with a lot of those bars, you'd be amazed at the number of calories in some of them.