Proud of myself!


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Hi all,

Well I am really proud of myself. Had a work do last night and managed to stay on track. Had a tomato/mozarrella/avocado starter and salmon fillet with spinach for main. No carbs (tons of lovely bread and oil on the table, asked for no potatoes), no wine, no desert, lots of water! Not stictly on the list of things I can eat on 810, but best of a bad situation. I am especially proud that I did not fall for the peer pressure to drink! It is really odd to notice that people around feel oddly afronted or uncomfrotable when you are not drinking/eating the same as they are. It is like a social norm or bonding experience to drink and eat bad food and then moan about how tipsy/full/fat you feel...

I am learning self-control on cambridge!

Have a lovely day everyone xxx
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Well done! You did very well!

Thats what a woman with self control can do.... now i just need to learn that and i'll be well away :D


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I'm not there yet, wish I were though! Don't think I could have turned down red wine, but more power to you


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Well done on adapting CD to the meal event, and great willpower too Amina, dessert would be my downfall x