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  1. Roosters

    Roosters Silver Member

    I was just wondering if anyone doing a vlcd that suffers from psoriasis has noticed any improvement in it since starting?

    I'm on day 8 now and there is a small improvement so it's making me think that there must be some food that perhaps triggers it. Obviously food has been eliminated and it's now changing!

    The only other time my psoriasis improves is when I'm pregnant, and I don't want to get my hopes up lol so I want to see if anyone else with psoriasis has noticed changes since being on vlcd

    Thank you !!!! xxx :)
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  3. mags1x

    mags1x mags

    yeah I've noticed a difference although not as quickly as you!

    I had a bit on each knee and one elbow which is gone, I can't remember exactly when, but definately since I started this. The stuff I have on my head is just the same though, I suspect I'd have to shave my head to get rid of it as I have tried pretty much every shampoo there is and it makes no difference.

    I'm not sure food is necessarily a trigger for it, more that in the food packs is all the nutrients we are supposed to have which we (me) really weren't probably having before... Also its widely understood how great all the water is for skin. Also going into the mind, maybe you are feeling really positive which also helps as mine does flare up when I'm having a worrying time.

    I've heard for skin like ours its worth paying attention to your omega 3 fish oils once you go back to food.

    Hope yours keeps getting better, slim body and nicer skin win win win!

  4. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    Before starting my vlcd diet in August my hands resembled two raw steaks and was heading towards my elbows which had it as well.

    My dermatologist told me I had have less stress in my life and to try and find the trigger. I would find one cream and it would work for a while then move onto the next.

    Both elbows are clear and my hands are perfect and just 6" x 2" strips on my wrist.

    I came off the diet and it flared up again and it is now calming once more. The itch goes away when I am SSing.

    I was always a water drinker and took fish oils as well as being a fish eater.

    Love Mini xxx
  5. mags1x

    mags1x mags

    I suppose its pointing to a trigger in your case then mini... Its a shame you can't find what it is, hope you make the connection when you go back on to food next time, so you can be itch free!!

    It does go to show though, all the busy bodies who don't think these diets can be healthy.... must be wrong if its having an effect like this on skin conditions!

  6. trinakmh

    trinakmh Silver Member

    Hi Roosters....
    I have really bad psoriosis the worst of it on my hands, and i must admit even in the two weeks ive been on VLCD my hands look alot better than they did (they still look awful to anyone who didnt see them before). Fingers crossed we can loose our weight and our skin problems. :D
  7. Roosters

    Roosters Silver Member

    I certainly hope that will be the case Trina!! I keep thinking of the lovely clothes that I will be able to wear once slim, I don't really want to not wear them because of bad skin lol

    Hopefully this diet will continue to flush out whatever it is that makes it worse!

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