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Psyllian husk(sp?) where can I buy?



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what are they...what do they do?
They are pure fibre. You can add them to warm shakes to make 'porridge' - yummy and really filling! :D :D With the side benefit of helping to prevent constipation. :eek: :eek: :D

I add half a pack of vanilla to 175ml of boiled water, wizz it for a bit (I use a stick blender) and then stir in 1 heaped tbsp of husks. Wait for a minute to thicken and then enjoy! ;) :D

(Don't wizz after adding the husks or you end up with wallpaper paste!! :( )

I think you can buy the husks from health food shops, but make sure you don't get ones with added probiotics since these may contain carbs.


Finally getting surgery
ahh ok. sounds great. i think i will have to invest in those. i've cheated today. :-(

funnily enough, i had porridge oats but used half a banana tetra mixed with water. it filled me up nicely. so these husks sound like they can do the trick and then i won't be cheating :) are they expensive? i think i'll just check out that website Anna. cheers.x


Finally getting surgery
Hi ya

I use the Dulco lax but will now try the PH have just ordered some so fingers crossed i wont be bunged up again!!
I use those also but find that they cramp my belly too much :eek:
If i have to use a laxative i'd prefer senokot (sp?). But sounds like these psyllian husks will be killing two birds with one stone :)
I just hope i can walk into a health store tomorrow and find them. Then I won't have to wait too long for them to be delivered.x


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ok - this is a common problem.

There are two phases ... one is to 'clear the backlog' (sorry!) and the second is to prevent it from happening again.

If you're in the early stages of constipation, try Dulcolax perles - they're effective and don't affect the diet. Read the instructions though ... do NOT take four like I did - OMG I thought I was turning inside out! :eek:

Once you've dealt with that, the next stage is to prevent it from happening again. Anyone who knows me will know what I'm about to recommend ....


These are a 100% natural bulking agent which contain no carbs or cals. They just absorb liquid and bulk out your bowels enabling you to go naturally - you cannot digest them.

They can be taken in powder form (added to shakes, soups to thicken them or made into a porrige ... just shout if you want any recipes).

Alternatively, they can be taken in capsule form for those who don't like the thought of thick soup etc.

Here's a link to a great online company who have a half price sale on at the moment (I just bought three tubs!) It also has more info.


You can buy the capsules from Holland and Barrett
Link below

Digestive Aids Vitamins, Minerals, Herbal Products online at Holland and Barrett

Hope this helps!:)

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