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psyllium husks

no idea but what is it for? and where do you get it? ive heard alot about it
hells ok so hell back ha ha ha ha


a bit different everyday
i got it from holland and barrat
its fibre to help constipation but alot of people use it to thicken shakes to make a porridge and to bulk up soups
Ahhhhh, well that would suit me then, ill have to keep checking this post to find out how you bulk them up, x x x


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the husks dont digest so they r fine. thats what i have been led to believe anyways.


a bit different everyday
well 1st attempt was a disaster put 1 teaspoon in and ended up with slime, tried again and put about 1/2 teaspoon not even that much and it was like creamy soup but it did slighlty reduce the flavour of the soup, it has filled me up alot though
onwards on downwards hey
nat x
Porridge - Got this from Debbie (Russian Doll)
Take 300ml of VERY hot water (but not boiling).
>Add a CD pack (toffee & walnut and vanilla both work really well)
>Mix it up with a blender as per usual.
>Pour into a bowl and then sprinkle about 2 dessertspoons of PH on top.
>Stir briskly with either a fork or a balloon whisk.
>At first, it'll go lumpy (and you'll think 'Oh crap!!') but keep stirring / whisking until it starts to go smooth and thicken.
>I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of mine to give it a really 'wintery' taste!

And that's all there is to it!

Don't expect 'Scott Porrige Oats' - the consistancy will be more like semolina but very acceptable when you've got nothing else!

I don't add as much psyllium husks though - I found it too thick and goey. I add 2 teaspoons and mix in with a fork. It's quite runny but you can eat with a spoon and it's really filling.

You really need to experiment to get the consistency you like - add slowly and you won't waste a pack. Some people have a half pack!

I also add just a teaspoon to soup - thickens it up to eat with a spoon but not goey. You can do the same with shakes but I'd be careful and add a little at a time until you get the consistency you want

Do you know where to get the husks / Cheapest is on the internet - Healthspan I think.


a bit different everyday
thanks for that annmarie i will have to give it a go like that and see what happens, i put the husks into the bleneder that must be where i went wrong!!
nat xx


Have a serene day!!
Do it to taste, I find 1 teaspoon on a whisked shake and then a quick whisk after is enough for me, it is slimy but I couldn't tolerate 2 desertspoons. I found they were alright to start with but they have made me gag the last few times I have tried them.


Serial Foodie!
S: 19st7lb C: 18st2lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 49.6 Loss: 1st5lb(6.96%)
the 2 dessert spoons is to make the pack into a porridge :)

i cant handle having it in soups and shakes...no matter how little i use its slimy and blech! the porridge is yum tho. Im having it every day now :D

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Yes couldn't do without my porridge - is more like a semolina consistancy.

I use vanilla with orange water flavouring - but any flavour you like works!

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