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Psyllium Porridge

Hi all -

I have seen several people mention making a porridge with the psyllium husk powder but I haven't seen the recipe.

Could someone please supply me the details of how they make their porridge? What sachets do you use or prefer?

Also is there any way of making a mousse with it like the mix a mousse?

Thanks I'm still in my new week and ready to experiment.

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There's a couple of points to remember when making psyllium porrige
1) Practice makes perfect
2) It's filling, it's an acceptable as a psuedo porrige but it's not going to be 'Scotts Porrige Oats'! :)

That said, it's nice to have a thick 'food' you can eat with a spoon (it turns out like a thick semolina consistancy).
Here's the way I do it ...

350ml very hot water (not freshly boiled)
One CD pack (flavours that work: Vanilla, toffee & walnut, chocolate and banana)
2 dessertspoons of psyllium husks (approx: you'll get to know the consistancy you prefer)

Mix up your shake with the hot water as usual and pour into a bowl.
Sprinkle the psyllium husks on top and mix briskly with either a spoon or balloon whisk.

It'll seem lumpy at first but keep stirring until it begins to smooth out.

I sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on top of mine - then eat! :)
What is a psyllium husks
When do i get to eat these?
S: 17st4lb C: 16st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 43 Loss: 0st7lb(2.89%)
Psyllium husks are a totally natural bulking agent which absorbs 20 times its weight in water. On a VLCD, constipation can be a problem: taking something that provides bulk in your colon will prevent it. It's carb and calorie free so is OK on a VLCD.

I get mine online but you can buy them from some health food shops. Make sure you only buy pure psyllium husks with NOTHING else added (like probiotics / digestive aids etc).

Here's the link:


I second everything russiandoll said.

I don't think I could get by without my porridge. I have to make all of my shakes seem like a meal (i.e eaten with a spoon - or hands with the truffles!) as drinking them just didn't seem to satisfy me mentally!

I was struggling with breakfast as didn't really want to eat a choc muffin or have a frozen tetra - then I found russiandolls porridge recipe and have never looked back!

Good luck with it and do persevere, I produced some shocking specimens on my first few attempts. (Oh, and on the subject of specimens - they have been a much more common occurrence too! ;) )

And :thankyou: for the recipe russiandoll - it had been a godsend! x


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Got PH on order, soooooooo excited.
Hadn't heard of using it before, and if it get's me back on track it will be fab. Ty so much.
Thank you all so much!

I'll practice till perfect :)

Whats your favourite flavours to use? (sachet)

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I like Toffee & Walnut with cinnamon sprinkled on it. Banana is also nice like that (a bit like banana custard). :)


Going to do this......
Thanks for the tips, my husk has just arrived and I just attempted porridge,.............mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
very filling.
cheers me dear


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My Husk came yesterday so I had '..Porridge..' for my tea! VERY satisfying and mentally filling too! Xx


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Congratulations - lots of 1st time porridge success - obviously better 'cooks' than me. It took me at least 4 attempts to master!

My fave porridge flavours are choc and choc mint, I do like toffee and walnut usually but have gone off it a bit for the last few weeks. I find that happens every now and again with packs and bars - good job we have so much choice on CD - there's always an alternative or and alternative way of eating. Between muffins, truffles, ice cream and porridge I can never decide which to pick!

Am having a muffin week at the moment!


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mine as yukie yukie,like snot,lol,what am i doing wrong


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mine as yukie yukie,like snot,lol,what am i doing wrong
Possible problems:

1) Water too hot (it shouldn't be boiling, straight out of the kettle)
2) Over-whisking (did you use a blending stick etc?)

I can use my Braun stick blender and it comes out fine but when i used my daughter's it turned out disgusting. Her blender was a cheapie one and blended at one speed (hyper!).
For this reason, I usually suggest that people hand whisk the PH in with a fork or balloon whisk.


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Have discovered that if you add too much Pysillium Husks, thinking that more will make it thicker, it actually turns the consistency "slimy" - YUK!!! Many of my clients also found that adding the P.H to their hot shake then reblending prevents any lumpy bits! Also, if by the time you faff around doing all this, your porridge has gone lukewarm, then you can nuc it in the microwave for 20-30secs max, to make it warm again, and it also "fluffs" your porridge up a bit! Yummy!!! Most popular flavours with my peeps, are Vanilla, Banana and Strawberry!
Lainey xxx


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S: 25st7lb C: 17st9lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 33.5 Loss: 7st12lb(30.81%)
Ty for the advice, I used a hand whisk,might have overdone the husks,will try again in a couple of days,thanks again
The banana is really yummy too! :)

This is such a lovely treat to have. I dont think that I could ever go back to banana shakes. LOL


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Sorry to bounce this after such a time but I tried Toffee & Walnut Psyllium porridge for the first time today (sitting with it right now!)
I wish I had done it sooner!
I used 350ml of hot water, blended the shake, then added 2 tsp of husks and blended again. I found it a little bitter so I dissolve 2 tablet sweeteners in a little hot water and added it in.
I now have a Ready Brek glow :p

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