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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by louisa26, 27 August 2006 Social URL.

  1. louisa26

    louisa26 Full Member

    I ate a pack of Asda's 'be good to yourself' chicken fajitas!

    I think loosing the 17lbs went to my head! i dont feel guilty but i am DETERMINED to try harder this week!! It is definatly a weekend thing when i go to eat, i like my routine at work too much! i am off till Wed but i think my urge has gone its like i need to eat one meal a week for me to get over the urge for the rest of the week!

    just wanted to confess, so i am not lying to u all!
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  3. squashedfroggy

    squashedfroggy I love choccy

    hehehe, I was just wondering if you would 'confess'

    you know you are doing well.... one slip should be ok though... but remember - you are my inspiration - lol - so ... dont do it again, lol!

    it was only 400 cals though, and you did do amazingly well last week so I know that you will be back on track today!
  4. louisa26

    louisa26 Full Member

    another tip tho never try and hide it as your only lying to yourself
  5. squashedfroggy

    squashedfroggy I love choccy

    thats a good tip! I always pretend I didnt do it - maybe thats where i go so wrong huh?
  6. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Oh always face it!! You can't hide from yourself and it just encourages the feeling of shame, of trying to hide. We all make mistakes - facing them helps us move onwards honey :)
  7. Pickles

    Pickles Member

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    Don't worry about it, you had that meal last week and look what you lost, as long as your careful to keep away from the carbs you hopefully won't knock yourself out of ketosis. Keep at it girl and you'll be fine and think of how healthy and slim you'll be by your wedding next year.
  8. Mrs Depp

    Mrs Depp Gold Member

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    Hiya Louisa,

    How are you feeling now you've confessed? Relieved, I hope, to be able to get it out in the open. Don't give it another thought, just dust yourself off (metaphorically) and start all over again.

    I remember someone on DH saying she overheard 2 young girls talking about food and one of them said she doesn't give in to temptation because as she puts it "I don't need to eat it because I know what it tastes like".

    That quote has got me through some terrible cravings and I'm so grateful to whoever posted it all those months ago!:D

    I've actually got it stuck to my fridge door as I'm back to SSing as of Thursday (but have been picking at stupid things:mad: ). So I'm trying to be more committed to losing my last lbs.

    Have you seen your wedding dress yet? Why don't you try sticking a piccie of that on your fridge door or cupboard doors? It might help you to resist temptation. I also keep my kitchen door closed as much as possible, if my 2 kids want any snacks I make sure they get them instead of me otherwise I'd end up eating something too! Cooking their meals isn't as much of a problem for me as getting them snacks (I don't know why:confused: ).

    Put this blip behind you and forget about it, you've done so well already - Go Girl!!:D :D
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  9. boofaloo

    boofaloo Gold Member

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    So my hammer idea didnt work? ;) :D

    Don't stress about it - It's good you've 'confessed' and you're definately not alone. :)
  10. DQ

    DQ Queen of the Damned

    Share the hammer idea - just for future reference! :p
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