Public confession


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I ate a pack of Asda's 'be good to yourself' chicken fajitas!

I think loosing the 17lbs went to my head! i dont feel guilty but i am DETERMINED to try harder this week!! It is definatly a weekend thing when i go to eat, i like my routine at work too much! i am off till Wed but i think my urge has gone its like i need to eat one meal a week for me to get over the urge for the rest of the week!

just wanted to confess, so i am not lying to u all!
Honey, you don't have to confess to us!! And I couldn't tell you the number of clients I have who have a killer first week's loss then eat - something in all of us I think!

Put it behind you and move on mate xx
Lou what is done is done,there is no point you feeling down we r only human, and like DQ u dont have to confess to any of us we have all done it.
You had an amaxing first week and i can relate to how u r feeling as in my first week i 2 lost 17 pounds and the second week when i lost 4 pounds i then ate and ever since then have struggled because i loss faith in myself,but u are determined to have a good week and u r a strong and positive lady u can do this !!!
So hun just draw a line under the food incident,carry on with your packs, and drink lots of water and u will soon be back in ketosis and those pounds and inches will be falling off u.

Like you say in your signature
i CAN do this, i WILL do this, I AM going to do this!! And thats all i HAVE to say!
We know this is just a minor blip in your weight loss journey and all the blips we have help us in our journey as they make us stronger and we learn what our trigger points are and how to avoid them or to find other ways of coping with the situation or emotion that led us to eat.

Have a wicked week u can do this just always keep in mind how beautiful u r going to look in your wedding dress !!!

Thank goodness you don't feel guilty, guilt is the mother of all diet killers :rolleyes:

You have successfully dieted for quite a while now and that success is set to continue :)

Keep going and watch as the stones fall off :D

BTW I know about the lure of the fajita. I won't have them in the house because it would be one of my biggest tempatations :eek:
Weekends are tough as the routine is so different and I do find them the hardest time as they are so associated with food, drink and good times.

Old habits die hard.

Wanting to eat today with my family and I had a CD bar and it helped...I had to let the feeling wash over me and kept saying to myself...I am doing this now!

It really is one day at atime.

I find myself confessing if I slip helps as it makes me more determined not to again.

Here is to another good week Louisa.

Love Mini xxx
Hiya, I know how you feel, and I think this is the hardest part of the diet for me. I use food as a comfort, I use it as a reward, a treat! You name it, and its so hard to get out of that mentality. I used to always have a big slap up takeaway on weigh in day after weightwatchers, no wonder I stuggled!

Well done for your confession! Next week, neither of us will eat anything we shouldn't! deal?!