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  1. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    I'm thinking of getting a pug :) Anyone have one? Any advice? I don't know anyone with a pug!
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  3. sortabeautiful

    sortabeautiful Full Member

    I don't have one myself but a friend does and I know she has to make sure all his folds are clean all the time, as the sweat/dirt can cause infections etc. apart from that he's a lovely dog.

    Have a look at a few videos on the net for advice.
  4. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    Hi there, I breed pugs, mainly for fun... I adore them, and have 3 fawn girls, that are my absolute joy... If youd like to know more about them.. just ask,and Id be glad to help xxxx
  5. Periwinkle

    Periwinkle Keep going!

    Hiya! Awww so cool that you breed them! How are they to train?
  6. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    The myth is that they are not interested in any training. But I've found them to be intelligent little angels. Of the 16 puppies I've raised from birth to 8 weeks, most have been toilet trained to use puppy pads. Almost all walk without a lead, and are obedient, and even play fetch!

    they are so easy to train, and do almost anything for a kiss and cuddle

    they are he most adorable loveable breed, and I'd never be without my girls.
  7. honey-bees

    honey-bees Member

    Rescue centres are full of lovely pups all needing homes....;):D
  8. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    I have always had rescue dogs, previously owned 2 bulldogs that were rescued!..Also one of my pugs is adopted.
  9. gina89

    gina89 Full Member

    I have a pug, he will be 7 this year, still as giddy as ever! Really lovely dogs x
  10. bloodcoveredprincess

    bloodcoveredprincess Get Fit - Enjoy Life!

    We have a 13 month old pug called Spud..... I bought him for my son as fur therapy (my son has been ill for 3 years). Although I think pugs are cute I would never have bought one, but the little guy stole my heart right from the off.....

    You should be aware that pugs shed and shed and shed and as for passing wind ... truly evil

    The are also very stubborn but so affectionate and loving and a joy to live with (gas mask not included)
  11. Witzender

    Witzender Full Member

    Are they prone to breathing problems
  12. MissMiff

    MissMiff Loving & Losing

    Hi there,I've got 3 pug girls and although they snore, one louder than the other, and one sounds wheezy on her walk, they have never had any problems. Xx

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