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Pulling Myself Together - Alwyn's 100% diary


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S: 80.29kg C: 80.29kg G: 60.33kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0kg(0%)
So I've been struggling for a while now.

I weigh in on Wednesdays. I'm on plan on Wednesday and Thursday. I don't work Fridays. Things start to slip, an extra Alpen Light here, an extra fun-sized Crunchie there.

Then I seem to think that I can sneak in treats all over the place and that, because "it's the weekend" I've got time to pull it back before WI on Wednesday. I don't work Mondays either. Guess how well I eat.

Then Tuesday I think "well, better get back on plan for WI" and have a 100% day.

This is the reason I've only lost 13.5lbs in 22 weeks. I keep farting around and not doing the plan 100% for a full week. It's almost as if I want my stone award so badly I sabotage myself somehow.

I don't know. *sigh*

What I do know is that I can't afford (time or money) to keep on this way. So I'm going to hold myself accountable in this diary from now on. I'm going to record my food and feelings, and attempt to find out why I make life hard for myself :p

I'll be doing a mixture of EE/Red, depending on what I've got planned. I always do Red on WI day though :)

So I'll start with today. Today was Extra Easy.

Breakfast: 28g Shredded Wheat (HEB), skimmed milk (from HEA - rest used in tea)

Snack: Alpen Light (3 Syns), Activia FF yog (Free)

Lunch: Boots Shapers Sushi (2.5 Syns), carrot sticks (Superfree), Activia FF yog (Free), Pepsi Max (Free)

Snack: Alpen Light (3 Syns), Activia FF yog (Free)

Dinner: Gammon steak (Free), mash made with Quark (Free), green beans (Superfree)

Total Syns: 8.5

I'm now stuffed because I've eaten so much mash :D

I've arranged with my DH to go to the gym tomorrow morning, so I'll have to make sure I get lunches etc together tonight.

Hoorah for planning :D
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S: 80.29kg C: 80.29kg G: 60.33kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0kg(0%)
I did it!! And today is a Red day :)

I did it, I did it!! I managed to get up at 5:30 and drag my sorry a$$ to the gym!!

Did 30 minutes on the treadmill and burned 340-odd calories!! Plus I had a nice leisurely shower and got ready. I can see myself actually enjoying going to the gym in the morning!

Food-wise, today is going well.

EDIT: Today is now an EE day :)

Pre-workout snack: Hot water with lemon juice (Superfree I guess), FF Activia (Free)

Breakfast: Alpen Light (HEB), FF Activia (Free)

Snack: Alpen Light (HEB)

Lunch: Salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, pickled onion, gherkin - all Superfree), 5 x Laughing Cow Light (HEA), FF Activia (Free)

Snack: Apple x 4 (Superfree), FF Activia (Free)

Post weigh-in snack: Alpen Light (3 Syns), 2 x coffee (1 Syn for milk)

Dinner: Chicken (Free), pasta (Free), green pepper (Superfree), capers (Superfree), chopped tomatoes (Superfree), funsize Crunchie (4 Syns)

Total Syns: 8 Syns
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the gym at 5.30am? you DOmean business! well done... keep up the momentum. i think a lot of people faff at weekends and then run around like a loony a day or so before WI so you arent alone there. If you do find you keep slipping, would it be feesible for you to swap to a monday WI so that you are less likely to mess about? doesnt sound like a problem at the mo but could help in the future. good on you for getting your determination sorted. xxx


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S: 80.29kg C: 80.29kg G: 60.33kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0kg(0%)
I've agreed to meet one of my colleagues there tomorrow morning as well to do a "Boot Camp" class! I'm a bit scared now!! She told me not to bother booking because there's always loads of room. I'm not bloody surprised at 6:45 on a morning!!

I'd love to have a Monday weigh in, unfortunately I have other commitments which mean that Wednesday is my best day to go in my area :( I'll just have to make the best of what I've got :)

I'm feeling loads better today. I think I really just needed to have a whinge at myself and get it all out on paper (well, a screen anyway). I'm definitely going to carry on with the diary because I think it'll really keep me on track.


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S: 80.29kg C: 80.29kg G: 60.33kg BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0kg(0%)
So, I overslept and didn't go to the class (oops), but neither did my workmate so it all worked out for the best lol!!

At weigh in last night I put on 2lbs. Was really annoyed with myself so have vowed to have nothing but 100% days from here on in!

Today was an EE day:

Breakfast: 28g Shredded Wheat (HEB), skimmed milk (from HEA)

Lunch: Tuna (free), pasta (free), gherkins (superfree), pickled onion (superfree), balsamic vinegar (free), funsize Crunchie (4 Syns), FF Activia (free)

Snack: pickled onion (superfree), tomato (superfree)

Dinner: Chicken (free), noodles (free), peppers (superfree), red cabbage (superfree), carrots (superfree), green beans (superfree), 1/2 tbsp groundnut oil (3 Syns), Mini Twister lolly (2.5 Syns)

Total Syns: 9.5 Syns

Go me :D

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