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I was thinking about including some pulses in my diet but I'm really not sure where to start.....
I was going to look in the recipe section but I'm completely clueless, what kind of things do you usually put them in?
If anyone can point me in the right direction or give me any hints or tips?

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I tend to have pulses mostly on Green Days , although do have them on Extra Easy days too.

On green days I use them in place of meat in things like curries/chillies.

There is a huge variety out there and I recommend buying them dried rather than tinned. They can take some preparing when buying dried though, as most have to be soaked overnight in water and thoroughly rinsed, so tinned can be convenient at times. I just think they taste better which cooked from dried.

I do have some bags of frozen type beans in my freezer though too. Lima Beans and Edamame beans (both quite similar soy beans). These are delicious and I add them into all kind of dishes - pasta especially. My son loves them.

If you google "pulses" you will find heaps of information on the different kinds available, as well as how to prepare them and a huge amount of recipes.


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Thanks! I'll have a nosey. I had this lentil dish in Germany years ago, no idea what it was but it was delicious. Always fancied using more lentils, beans and what not but just never got round to it!


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I use red lentils in a curry or a handful in soup
Yellow split peas in pea and ham soup
chick peas in tomatoes with a chicken breast
chick peas for home made hummous
Mixed bean chilli with cannelini beans, black eyed beans, butter beans and tinned green lentils

Just be prepared for wind!
The Waitrose website has some lovely lentil recipes (obviously you will have to adjust the amount of oil they use!)

Roasted Squash with Lentils and Goat's Cheese

Roast Fennel and Courgette with Lentils and Green Sauce

Lentils with Pasta and Caramelised Onions

and you can put any other pulses into the search box to find recipes - cannelini beans are my favourite.

All the supermarkets have quite a range of pulses these days, dried or in cans, or there are the Merchant Gourmet ones in pouches (although there are some syns in those as they do have a bit of oil in them).
as well as above suggestions

dhal - indian spices and lentils are made for each other
leftover beany chillies can always be made into spicy bean burgers
make your own refried beans for a veggie mexican fiesta (use a lettuce leaf instead of a wrap!)
tuna and mixed bean salad is splendid too

one of my faves though is
green day dinner, HEB of smoked bacon, fry off, add diced carrot, diced onion, diced potato, sliced leek, fry a bit - add puy/green lentils and veg stock - cook until lentils are tender, sprinkle with parsley
om nom nom


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Mmmmm some lovely sounding ideas! Ooooh hummus!!!!!!! I love that stuff!!
A quick, tasty dinner I love is from the Comfort Foods booklet from the magazine a few months ago. Something like...

tin of mixed pulses/beans
tin of baked beans
tin of chopped tomatoes
chopped up cooked quorn sausages
veg such as courgette, mushrooms, sweetcorn, pepper
flaked chillis

It is free on green and lovely on a baked potato with cheese.
Easy peasey lentil soup - just cover a handful of lentils with chicken or veg stock and simmer until soft and mushy - 20 - 30 mins. season to taste then eat.
I use mixed pulses in my chilli on an EE day.

My favourite lentil recipes are:

Spicy root and lentil casserole (more like a curry):
Spicy root & lentil casserole recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

Spiced Carrot & Lentil Soup - (lovely with or without milk):
Spiced carrot & lentil soup recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food

Ben Granger's Chickpea Stew with tomatoes and green chilli:
BBC - Food - Recipes : Chickpea stew with tomatoes and green chilli

Obviously don't add the oil. I loved these before I was on a diet and love the fact that I can still eat them!! :):)
That lentil soup does sound easy... Have to try that

Alli, those recipes sound great, def going to make something this weekend - can't wait!

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