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Morning all wondered if you could tell me more about pure orange juices,as says sugar free ect are free so is it the same for these juices.Thanks

fruit juice is not free on sw, neither are any sort of smoothies.
the only thing which is free juice wise is sugar free cordial.
hi says drinks:all these are free foods on both original and green:bovril,coffee,low cal fizzy,low cal squash,mineral water,tea im really confused as your book saying count as sins,i will call my consultant.hanks

sarah x
i dont know how to syn it,as my consultant was meant to call me and still hasnt to help me wat a nightmare hey,i text her so hope she calls.Thanks for your help

sarah x
Yeah it is synned upon as when fruit goes through the process of being juiced, it releases lots of natural sugars therfore makes it quite high in syns.
I have copied and pasted this from a post I made to someone on here who also wasn't sure how the fresh fruit/fruit juice thing worked.
I hope this explains it for you......

Right, some days for my lunch, I make a big fresh fruit salad to take to work with me and when I've eaten that I feel satisfied! (its huge, trust me and I eat it with a fork!!) I actually feel like I've eaten something!!!
Now, if I made the same amount of fruit into a smoothie and guzzled that down me, I would probably (knowing me!!) be looking for something else to eat as I wouldn't actually have felt that I had eaten anything......am I making sense!! lol Therefore, in the long run, I will be eating more food, right?

So say, you had 2 oranges for a snack, the fact that you had eaten them would probably satisfy for a while....now if you had the juice of 2 oranges for your snack....would that satisfy you....or would you be looking for something else to eat? I know I would!!!! lol
hi thanks 4 comments spoke to consultant will stay clear of juice and stick with fruit as will satisfy me more

sarah x