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Pushing the boundaries - HELP


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I am on week 4 of SS with 1 night off for a special occassion so far. I still lost that week so now my stupid brain has started calculating and thinking of how far I can push the eating thing withut putting on weight. I know its wrong but I am now contemplating eating once a week as I got back in ketosis really quickly last time and keep saying to myself surely one meal wont matter too much if I am 100% for the rest of the week. I know it will slow my losses but I always seem to be looking for a way to cheat even though I know I can do this 100%. Its like I've got a devil on one side and an angel in the other

Please talk me out of it I need to be stopped before I blow all my hard work.
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Don't listen to your chatterbox:mad:

You got away with it last time but believe me (I speak from experience here) any cheat will catch up with you eventually. It is so not worth it and if you really feel the need to eat then maybe you should move onto SS+ and have that small meal everyday.

Well done with getting to week 4 and getting back into ketosis so quickly. Take care and keep up the hard work.:)


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If I was feeling like that I think I would speak to my cdc about moving to ss+ so you would have a small meal each day, that way you wouldnt need to cheat and would still lose each week.


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Have to agree with the 2 previous posts - if you feel that you'd be better incorporating eating then think about moving to SS+

When i started CD for the first few weeks i was a constant nibbler. I got away with it in spades. Then i went to a wedding and had a massive blow-out which lasted 2 days. I still had a good loss.

Then i realised i wasnt doing myself any favours and it was damaging my willpower & resolve and by cheating i was not addrssing the reasons i became so overweight in the first place. So i cut it out and was 100% for quite a number of weeks.

Last weekend the devil on my shoulder won again and another massive blowout ensued. As i got away with it in the past, i thought i'd be ok. I wasnt. I put on 3lbs. So demoralising and stupid and getting back into it was def more difficult but i have now managed a full week 100% again and will see how much of the damage i've undone later this morning.

So i guess the moral of the story is that it most likely will catch up with you at some point. And when you do allow yourself that one meal a week the temptation sometimes is not to choose wisely, and there is the risk that it will snowball and that one meal becomes two or three and a snack here & there and before you know it you've lost control.

Much better if you feel the need, to plan the food into your week by doing ss+ that way you're still very much in control.

Sorry for the long - winded post :eek: but hth x


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never mind whether you'd still lose weight, what about the torturous 'getting back into ketosis' period? the fact that i have to go through a week of hell to get back into cd prevents me from going off it on a whim!!

abz xx
Like others have suggested, you may be better going up to SS+, as eating once a week will definately mess your head up, as well as confusing your body with going in and out of ketosis, & eating, then not eating.
Eventually, you'll start eating more & more, & SS will be history....sorry to sound so gloomy, but I speak from experience !

If you stay in ketosis, you'll consistently keep burning your fat stores & will reach goal sooner than if you add a more than likely unhealthy / higher calorie meal here & there.

Good luck with your weight loss journey :eek:)


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S: 19st4lb C: 19st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 37.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Many thanks for all your advice it makes a lot of sense i have had a good talking with myself and am going to give it another shot at being 100% I know I can do it and in the end I am ony cheating myself I think I was setting myself up to fail as I have failed at so many other diets in the past I think I expect to fail on this as well.

So onwards and downwards I can do this is my new mantra as so many of you have proved by your fabulous losses
hun you can do it, as everyone else said maybe ss+ is more for you good luck with ss and keep thinking of your goal xx
Try getting som good "cheat" food. I have a bag of minced quorn in my freezer and there are some chicken breasts as well. Just knowing that they are there for when I'm feeling really fed up or not well or as happened laste week we decided to have a family BBQ and I tucked into a grilled chicken with salad and cucumber and so did the family (they also had burgers and sausages as well). So it bolstered my moral loads but kept me on the straight and narrow.


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Get back into the SSing!! Just think that you had one time off but that you have a long way to go and what is the point of making it really difficult for yourself by eating food and having to get back into ketosis. It is much easier not having to worry about food and focusing on why you eat the way you did in the first place (I am talking about why I do it anyway!) So my advice is, leave the wedding in the past and carry on with your bright future!! :D


now got pictures in album
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oops duplicated
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