:( Put on weight in 100% abstinence??


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I've put on 3/4 of a lb since tuesday. WHY??? :(:(
I've stuck to the prog 100%, weighed in my PJ's both times, first thing in the morning, both times hadn't drunk anything before etc. Been drinking plenty of water each day.. Basically I have done nothing different! But I've put on weight????!

Help. How is this earthly possible?
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I had some weeks where I put on 1-2lbs for some reason even though I 100% stuck to it. However, the following week I lost 7lbs so it all balances out in the end.

I know it seems wierd given you're sticking to it. But it'll all balance out eventually. Just your body getting used to it. I see you're on week two, have you been going to the loo regularly if you know what I mean? Sorry to be graphic but if things are getting 'stuck' so to speak, it can contribute to weight gain. Try psyllium husks, dulcolax or my favourite...a colonic

All the best ! xx


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Honey, I !put on! 6 pounds between thursday morning and thursday evening last week. My gues sis that this 3/4lbs is water (or concrete ;) ) and will be gone in a day or so, along with some of it's friends.


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A litre of water weighs over 2 pounds, so water could be the answer, water retnetion could also be a part of it. One things for absolute sure is that you HAVE NOT gained any Fat, and that's all your trying to lose, so don't worry.

P.S I put on 4 pounds in a week on Abstinence 2 years ago, but it's not real weight gain


Water retention, bowel 'build up'... could be either of those easily.

My advice?

Get weighed at your WI, and ONLY at your WI.

Weight fluctuates all the time, morning to afternoon, drinking more water, less water, pee'ing, not pee'ing, constipated or the opposite, TOTM (for you girls)........

So, just go by your WI.
And don't worry; if you are sticking to it 100%, you are, without a doubt, losing bodyfat, which is the goal here :)


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PB - I have exactly the same thing going on. Last week I had lost nothing at the midweek point and was devastated, but come to the weigh-in on Tues and I had lost 4lb. Why the change I have no idea? Gonna give up weighing midweek and all the time at home - it's bad for my psychi (sp??).


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Dont weigh daily - It can mess your head


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PB, if you're 100% on plan, then it's nothing to fret about.

Step away from those scales!


16lb to go!
S: 16st2lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st10lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 2st5lb(14.6%)
Yeah I don't weigh normally, just did the one on tuesday in place of mid week WI, and then one this morning cos I wanted to know what to expect before WI tomorrow morning.

Well I can't say it's frozen pipes, plenty of tabasco is seeing to that!

The only thing it could be is water retention. Blummin water, causing a nuisance and causing me to panic. Probably is near TOTM as well, sorry if it's tmi!

Thanks guys for allaying (sp?) my fears and helping me out! :D:grouphugg:


16lb to go!
S: 16st2lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st10lb BMI: 29.3 Loss: 2st5lb(14.6%)
Meh well I weighed this morning (Bad I know!) and my scales weighed me at 14st 12, 15st, 14st13, then 14st11 in succession. So I figured it's either my scales are playing silly *******, or my body is having a laugh with me...

Moral of the story? As you said, put the darned scales away! Lol!


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as said above PB its all perfect normal the body holds water and salts so it fluctuates, my friend is on week 10 of RTM and he goes up and down by 3 - 4lbs weekly but is always stable. so dont worry.

Also dont use home scales they are rubbish use boots i get the same problem at home :)


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Oh man, I will keep repeating this until I am blue in the face I guess...weigh yourself ONCE a week max...your body weight can fluctuate up to around 6 pounds in just ONE DAY!!! If you weigh yourself every day it is going to feel like torture because if your weight can go up and down 6 pounds in one day (mine varies by four pounds per day) then what is it doing every other day?!

Don't get despondent, stay away from the scales...meant in the nicest possible way...


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Ellie, you is a girly and you now have all this wonderful advice (mainly from the fellas too which is quite impressive ;) ) to also put your scales away.

You're losing. You can't not lose. Don't fret. :hug99: