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Put on Weight....


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I am a compulsive weigher, weigh myself every morning and know the scales fluctuate, but 2 weeks ago they started to go up and I put 3.5lb on in a few days, so I gave up SW and joined Cambridge Diet again, but I found it so hard that after 5 days I gave up and regained the weight I had lost (as it was only water weight anyway), since then I have stuck to SW nearly 100%, I went to Alton Towers last weekend and I put on 1lb, well deserved too, so no shock there. I have since stuck to the diet and am again putting on weight, not sure what I am doing wrong, I guess I am eating too much, but I thought we were allowed to eat as much as we liked (or needed to feel full) on this diet.... I am really thinking now that this diet is just not for me and am thinking of going back to Weight Watchers as I reached goal last time whilst going to Weight Watchers.... just thought slimming world was more a way of life eating than WW is.... I have just started a food diary but only have yesterdays food on it... Any help or tips would be great, I am really struggling with this diet.
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Firstly, you really need to stop weighing yourself every day. The body does fluctuate and weighing daily does not show true losses and gains. Once a week weigh in is the way to go so you can really see what is happening.
I had a look at your diary for the first day, and you say you have put on weight. It may be water, but looking at your diary you would never have put on weight.
Your diary looks fine but are you having the 1/3 superfree?
If you eat until you are comfortably full and not stuffed, you are not overeating.
My suggestion is make sure you measure everything, eat a lot of free and superfree foods, have your HEXs and your syns.
You can't go wrong there.
Also give it time. The weight will not just fall off straight away.
Give up weighing daily, and ditch the scales if you can't stop getting on them.
Following all the above, you will do it!
Good luck!

Mrs V

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Sonia is right there!

Stop weighing yourself every day Hun. You are going to end up bouncing from one diet to another and your weight will end up yo-yo'ing which isnt good for your body at all.
Have a look at the other food diaries on here too to give you some meal ideas and vary what you eat rather than sticking to the same foods all the time.
Make sure that you update your own food diary as often as possible to keep you on track, if its on line then we can have a look and make some suggestions too.
It will get easier, but unfortunately the weight doesnt come off over night.


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