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putting on weight after changing from CD.

I changed from CD to SW on Friday and have had 1 red and 1 green day so far. In those days I have put on 3lbs:eek:

Is my weight gonna carry on rising like this? I've only come off for 2 weeks as I have my hen night, wedding and christening all to come and so CD would have been impossible, but I could do without putting on loads of weight in that time.

Also, when I hit my target I planned on maintaining using a slimming world based diet but if this happens this isn't going to be possible.

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Hi honey

Don't panic - it's your initial glycogen stores filling up. Things will calm down, and you should maintain and probably lose once your body is used to eating again. I would advice NOT weighing for the next few days to avoid the panic syndrome, and just stick to your plan :)


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Hi, ur weight will settle down after a few day's and u will dtop gaining, so don't panic.



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like the others have said don't worry you will gain a little

i gain 7 pounds usually then stabalize for a few weeks then start to lose with sw ,and i will go back to it when i have the rest of my weight off . i came off last Oct that's how i know what will happen as iv been there it was very scary at first but then i realised i had to re fill the water you lose and get my body used to eating and after a few weeks it worked great xx


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I hope things settle for you. I have problems with SW after CD. I gained a stone and I'm still trying to lose that before I am back at my post CD weight. It is frustrating but eating healthily and losing at a slower rate should work out in the long run.


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I'm just wondering, re this inevitable weight increase when switching from CD to SW, has anyone tried eating sparingly to start and then gradually increasing to include all food groups?

I just wondered because, to me, going from ss to "food" if you're including full blown white carbs is obviously going to cause quite a bit of weight gain, whereas perhaps if doing it gradually, you mightn't have as much?

Just a thought.


Queen of the Damned
Very relevant point Maintainer :D
I haven't really had many full blown white carbs at all. I mainly have red days. During the day, I eat neutral free foods such as muller light yogurts, fruit, cottage cheese, eggs, green salad etc. The only red/green meal I have is my evening meal, which on a green day is usually quorn stir fry/spag bol etc with a small amount of brown pasta or rice. So my intake of carbs isn't huge. I'm hardly having any syns either, usually using them on salad dressings rather than dessert or treat type things. I also haven't had any bread or flour since starting.

In total I gained 3.8lbs and have now lost 1.8 of those since yesterday.


Queen of the Damned
So it's on it's way back down again - nice one! :cool:
Pleased to hear that as I have lost with SW, doing CD as I have plateued(?) for a long time, losing now but want to go back to SW to maintain in a couple of weeks time. It's nice to know what to expect and well done you for starting to lose again.

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