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putting on weight


I'm no expert but I'd say that if you've been sticking mostly to SS on a VLCD then you should try to keep to a low-carb plan to avoid regaining a lot of weight, quickly. It's mostly water weight but it looks and feels awful cos, after all, the water has to be stored somewhere, and we bloat.

It can be very disheartening, I know, to put weight back on after so much hard work. If you include carbs in your daily diet keep them to a minimum, especially at first, and reintroduce them gradually. If you eat lots of carbs all of a sudden you can experience incredible rebound hunger, and it can be hard to fight off.

Good luck!
Hiya FNM

When you say you can feel the weight coming back on then how long since you stopped LL and also what are you eating that is making you feel that way?

If you stick to a lowish carb diet on around 1800 calories then you should be able to maintain your weight as that ultimately is the future for you, it would worry me if you are putting on a lot of weight in a short period as you may need help in terms of advice regarding what foods and calorie levels you need to get used to for long term weight maintenance.

When I stopped I put on a bit of weight as I was enjoying being able to eat again. I put on about a stone and a half. However, that has stabilised now and I'm still 3 stone less than I was. In January I plan to join weight watchers with the hordes as I don't think I could do a VLCD again. But I'm very pleased with what I achieved during my time on it.

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