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putting the zen in xenical!

Hi all! today was my first day using xenical, after being prescribed it yesterday by my doctor. I have battled with my weight for years so hopefully this will be the lifestyle change i need! I am also new to this website so i'm looking forward to getting to know you all.
My doctor gave me NO information so i find these sites essential, i have learned so much already just by reading your posts.

anyone know what the alcohol situation is?

anyway, heres my 1st day:

Brekky: bowl of special k with l/f milk
1 slice of toast with a tsp butter

Lunch: bowl of tomato soup, slice of brown bread an tsp butter

Dinner: 1 grilled chicken breast with 1 baked potato with 0% fat and chives, veggies.

snacks: 4 mini rice cakes with 2tbps lemon youghrt.

looking forward to getting to know you all!

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Hi Celtgirl and welcome here. The first thing I would say looking at your food is that you're going to have to lose the butter. Xenical rules say no food that contains more then 5g of total fat per 100g and butter is obviously way over this. Even a teaspoon is enough to give you side effects. Then no more than 15g of fat per meal. The rest of it looks fine though. Alcohol is fine with Xenical as it contains no fat but it does still contain empty calories so try to stick with the lower stuff such as spirits with a diet mixer rather than wine or beer. Good luck and keep posting,



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have to agree.
everything looks fine apart from the butter....

and alcohol is fine as long as you dont drink too much... cough cough!!!

hope things are going ok..... keep posing, and you will have loads of help and support from the very close and tight group we have on here
A really top tip that works for me is to get in the habit of reading food labels, all of them, it may take a bit longer to shop but it's worth it IMO. Thankfully most supermarkets are now doing a brill job on marking the contents and their values quite plainly now. My favourite supermarket is Aldi's, second is Lidl's as their prices are brill and their own brands are normally a much healthier version as some of the branded ones, for example the fat content in their own brand of Baked Beans with sausages are half the fat content of Heinz, not that I am eating them now ;)

As far as butter is concerned I agree with the ladies it is a big no-no just find an alternative, low fat cottage cheese is one of my favourites, and chutneys are wonderful. BTW if I am having soup I toast my bread and use it as a dunk, mind you I now only eat Pitta bread, delicious.

What was your Tomato soup? If it was a cream one that is definitely a no-no check it out here: Calories in Heinz - Cream of Tomato Soup

Sorry to prattle on just trying to be helpful, honest :D
Thank you all so much for the advice! yeah i can see now i was going a bit crazy with the butter, im on day four now and no bad effects yet so fingers crossed! I can see by reading your posts that you all seem to have gotten it together and lost weight, well done!
so ladies and gentleman i am on my 4th day today. i spent days 2 and 3 in a hotel so diet was hard to stick to, however i managed to do it which is VERY unlike me! i had seabass for dinner which was the ONLY grilled thing on the menu that wasnt covered in cream, nono it only only covered in BUTTER! so i asked for no butter and all went well. I ament even missing food which again is unlike me but no doubt my cravings will come back once the novelty value wears off. fingers crossed. feeling very happy and positve as i have had no IBS symptoms in the last few days, cant believe it! have lost 2 pound already but ill ignore that until my weigh day on tuesday, as i know weight can fly up and down.
the exercise part of it is a real struggle with me. theres no real reason, im just very lazy and always have an excuse, thats gonna have to change! anybody any ideas?

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celtgirl I am like you I have never ever been a sporty type and exercise is just driving my doggie up to the park etc; but every little helps. I have been using the lift one less floor and walking up, n down, a flight, good for me. I am walking my doggie up the park twice a week, my goal is 7 days a week, umm possibly. One of the best exercises I am doing is at my Falls Prevention class and they get you marching on the spot for different lengths of time, that really helps for cardio and muscle exercise. So remember you don't have to do a Marathon to exercise. BTW do you like swimming, best exercise ever.
day 6! breakfast: bowl of sultana bran,glass of OJ
Lunch: small baked potato with 0% greet youghrt mixed with basil philidelphia and a crab salad (crab meat mixed with spring onions, chili, coriander and lime juice.
Dinner: bowl of beef and veg soup and slice of bread and butter

Had a great day today! I REALLY need to start doing exercises as i havent done any at all, still have no IBS symptoms (going after every meal now) and no side effects from the xenical. didnt have much for dinner as i was busy all day.
i have insomnia so night time was always my worst time for snacking and binging, but i havent had a problem at all, i find watching shows like "supersize vs superskinny" and "you are what you eat" help to motivate me.

going to try really hard to do some exercise tomorrow!
thanks madchef, thanks a really good idea! Lidl is a god send lots of their food is low fat!

so heres my day: Breakfast: bowl of benefit flakes (aldi's special k) and a smoothie.
lunch: small tin of lobster on crackerbread
Dinner: spagetti bolonaise made with fresh tomatoes, turkey mince and chickpea spagetti. with a slice of fat free processed cheese on top, and a salad.

Good day again today. i decided i am not going to weigh myself anymore i will leave that up to my doctor- as ive been scale hopping every two seconds its not good for the brain! i did use a tape measure and ive lost an inch from my waist- not bad for the first week! im really happy with the xenical, just hoping they wont be recalled or anything! hope the novelty doesnt wear off either, im usually elbow deep in a bag of crisps by the end of week 1!

im also finding this website very useful and myfitnesspal is GREAT (thanks madchef) still need to exercise and drink more water tho so there is lots of room for improvment
hi everyone! another good day today, lightly more exercise but still not getting enough:( going to swim tomorrow no matter what!

Breakfast: bowl of special k, smoothie.
Lunch: ham&cheese toastie, soup
Dinner: Leftovers from yesterdays dinner and a salad.

so ham and cheese toastie i know is NOT a good choice but i was out and ordered a healthy wrap that they didnt have,, excuses excuses. starting to wonder a bit i high a tolerence to these tablets or what as i have been eating butter but to no effect. maybe its just because its the first week and ill be saying sorry next week!

portion sizes are finally under control STILL no sign of IBS except for small twinges. ament QUITE drinking enough water yet and ive had a blinding headache all day! my own fault though! getting mixed up with my days officially a week today, i know if i can kick myself into gear it'll pay off.

anyone else having so much trouble with exercise?

kittybling:i bought the cheese in dunnes stores :)
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Hey everyone! heres my diary for today:

Breakfast: bowl of cereal, fat free youghrt
Lunch: fajita salad and 3 chicken tenders
snack: glass of smoothie

didnt have a dinner today as i had lunch out, ordered the healthiest thing on the menu but it came out looking like the contents of elvis' stomach! darted home afterwards just in case.
obviously their meaning of salad differs to mine :p went for an hour and half walk and done some cleaning. i always feel active when its my TOTM- its the other 3 weeks i worry about! Hope your all doing great:grouphugg:

wendy x
Oh god! that "salad" has come back to haunt me and i had my very first xenical episode. not nice! also my TOTM so feeling a bit down today. walked for about 2 hours so at least i got some exercise in.

breakfast: bowl of special k with a chopped banana, smoothie

Lunch: bowl of indian chicken soup and bread, bowl of strawberries.

Dinner: jacket potato and grilled chicken+veg:)

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