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  1. merlynne08

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    Cambridge Diet
    Was wondering...

    Have only just started the diet but really want it to be a permanent change.

    Was wondering if anybody who has put weight back on after CD would be willing to share why they think they put the weight back on? Were you eating the way you were pre-diet or stop paying attention? Did you do the stepdown programmes?

    Hope you don't mind sharing.
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  3. bikini

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    im pretty sure that if you follow the steps completely then your less likely to put on weight at goal! i think if u return to old habbits then ur bound to pile it back on quicker than it came off! im on my 6th week now and dont get tempted by any evil foods!!! lol so i doubt i would tempt it at goal?!? - well thats what im hoping anyway!
  4. festivalfairy

    festivalfairy Finally a size 12!

    I think you have to change your eating habits as like bikini said you WILL pile it on just as quick. Im nearly at my goal and im scared ha ha ha xxxxx
  5. XlosingitX

    XlosingitX Gold Member

    im so scared of this happening i know i cant go back to eating what i diid b4 4.000 + cals a day but i would like to think i can at least eat arounf 2000 a day
  6. Lexie_dog


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    I put a stone and a half back on, but only because I went back to eating "normally" and then a takeaway here and there. And then more takeaway, and biscuits.,,

    basially I just slipped right back to where I was before.
  7. wannabslim

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    I'm not dieting, I'm on the pregnancy diet!
    Hey, I put around half of my total weight lost (about 2 out of 4 stone) back on because I fell off the wagon when I felt happier about myself, and never got back on to BMI 25 or to work up the plans. I believe sticking to it to goal and working up the plans to be the most important thing. I am back on CD now having lost one of the 2 stone gained (lost it through dieting since Jan!!) and am now back to where I was at the end of CD last time now, and plan not to stop til I have worked right through the plans once reaching goal. I know now (as a result of my dieting journey since Jan) what I can eat to maintain my weight, (I found it easy to maintain just not to lose!) so I feel happy now that once I am done on CD I will not regain. NOT THIS TIME :)!

    This time will be the last time I need to lose more than half a stone to get to goal... as in future as soon as I get near half a stone more than where I am happy I will sort out my eating to ensure that it never turns into half a stone, then 1, then 2, then right back to having to do CD again :( nope, I am never doing that again!!
  8. flirty40greeneyes

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    3years ago I went from a size 20/22 to a size 12/14 and lost 4stone in 4months. I was 15.3 and went down to 11.3. I found Cambridge easy and loved the diet plus losing the weight with no effort. Stuck to it 100% and then decided to become a CDC.

    BANG! Life went haywire - my mum went down with shingles and is now in the early stages of senile dementia. My (ex) brother went to prison .... and we would do the 500mile round trip every 2-4weeks. Dad would get take aways and doughnuts etc .... I'd eat them, then came home and comfort ate as I was sooooo worried, stressed and hassled. Could feel my clothes getting tight - then moving up the sizes - but refused to go on the scales. Before I knew it I had gained 3stone. Nothing to do with Cambridge .... totally down to taking my eye off the prize once I'd got it - and then losing it.

    So for the last 2yrs I have been yo-yoing and this time round it isn't easy. I struggle, I fall off the wagon, I lose half a stone - I gain half a stone. Since January I have managed to lose 1 stone - but still have another 2 to get me down to where I was.

    I'm in the Cambridge 100% club now - and so far have lost 5lb ... hoping I can hang onto it this time - and get rid of 28lb of fat.

    As I have found it so hard on second/third (in fact too many times for me to remember) attempts, I am hoping that when I do get it off, I will be more sensible and keep myself to +/- 7lb of my goal weight.
  9. Isis

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    Nice one Bev with the 5lbs..xx..:happy096:
  10. mollydog

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    Oh golly flirty40greeneyes i so know where you're coming from. Not a brother in prison but just why you comfort eat. I am just about back to the weight i never let myself get above in previous years but i have to say for all i am struggling i feel better about my life than i have done in a long time. My question is.....Is weight the real problem? I doubt it but it is a huge part of it.
    Time to call it a night a go to bed for some melancholy thinking.
  11. Loz1984

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    I did LL about two years ago and have ended up where I started!

    I didn't do the maintenance as my counsellor got sacked! Doh! I started off really well with my eating and exercise but then I stopped weighing myself and got complacent and here i am!

    This time i will be getting down to goal and working up the porgrammes. I'm also gonna make sure i keep a closer eye on my weight so i can address any gain straight away. I'm also gonna do more exercise!
  12. payn3477

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    Cambridge Diet
    Hi, I have been doing cd since 1 February 2008. This first couple of weeks were excellent. However, although I was sticking to the diet 100% no weight came off for 3 weeks. I had a break for about 6-8 weeks and only put on about 4 pounds (I had lost 18 lbs). I then went back on it for three weeks and lost 11 pounds. however, there was no weight lost for the third week. Hence, I came off it again..and so on. I am still 2 1/2 st lighter!
  13. KD

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    Was Cambridge, now maintaining
    I believe that, but of course, if you still return to your old habits after doing the steps, you still get to put it back on.:sigh: Doing the steps isn't something that will make the body stay at your chosen weight. Well, not you've finished the plans.

    Yes, it does help reduce the chance of a gain with the return of the glycogen. It also help restore the metabolism, but that could probably be restored in other ways.

    But there is another huge benefit to doing the plans.

    One of the main criticisms I hear about VLCDs like cambridge is that they don't teach healthy eating.

    Totally untrue. That's what the plans do!!

    Yes, I know, most of us do know about healthy eating, but you really need that time after a VLCD to put it into practice under a controlled environment. It's not easy, but you really need to do it for yourself.

    It's easy when you are SSing to think that eating healthily will be a piece of cake :D. You are eating little to none. How hard can it be to eat a healthy balanced diet. But hey...it can be hard. No ketosis, no weightloss to aim for, happy to be at goal. So this is the hardest time, and the one that most people really need a structured plan to follow.

    So do the plans, remember you haven't finished. It's all part of the Cambridge diet 'course'. The diet isn't just about SSing. That's just chapter 1. Then when the plans are over, you can practice going it alone.
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