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Quark + Highlights Question

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by bobbedazzler, 4 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. bobbedazzler

    bobbedazzler Full Member


    When you have your quark mixed with a cadbury highlight to make a choccie mousse type thing ....... how much sweetner do you put in??

    Thanks, Jo x
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  3. Busy_mam

    Busy_mam Full Member

    I don't I find 1/2 tub quark and 1 satchet is just right.
  4. bobbedazzler

    bobbedazzler Full Member

    Oh I might try that then! It will be more chocolate-y that way too! Nice one, thanks. Jo x
  5. I also add a tbsp of marmalade to mine and it tastes just like jaffa cakes!
  6. Derbynanny

    Derbynanny Gold Member

  7. jerricebenton

    jerricebenton Silver Member

    I tried this yesterday, and found it too sickly! Have had to chuick the rest out :(
  8. evanesco

    evanesco I'm the tortoise.

    I also found it too sickly, and I'm a right chocolate monster!
  9. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    Try Quark and tsp of nuttella 4 syns....................its lovely great for cake filler on the potatoe flake syn free cake if added to creme frias and whipped light.

    Phil x
  10. StaceyUK

    StaceyUK Gold Member

    Quark makes me want to vom but 1/2 small tub VLF fromage frais mixed with white choc options is AMAZING and great over strawbs & raspberries! Tastes a bit like cheesecake filling. Just make sure you leave it in the fridge for an hour or two before serving so the options dissolves!
  11. biggysmalls

    biggysmalls Too big to fail

    I had quark with Options orange (and a spoon of sweetener) last night and I loved it! I can see how marmalade would be nice in there too.
    This thread has got me thinking about trying the nutella or White Options in there too......Yummy! Thanks all! xx
  12. beccy_bebe

    beccy_bebe Full Member

    whoah feller! What is the syn free cake you speak of?! Could this be the happy alternative to cous cous cake?
  13. bobbedazzler

    bobbedazzler Full Member

    Yes, please tell us more!
  14. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    Don't keep it a secret....SHARE!! I saw a cake being made on Something for the Weekend a couple of weeks ago that used potato and that was apparently very good. I guess the principle of flaked potato will be the same??
  15. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    Hi all

    Syn free SW sponge

    4 eggs
    6-8 tbsp slender ( use slender only)
    2 tbsp baking powder ( .5 syns)
    50g instant mash Flakes ( not smash)
    zest and juice of citrus friut or coffee dissolved on 1 tbsp of water then cooled. ( you can use options then add 2 syns)


    Preheat at 190 c & line 7- 8 inch sponge tin
    whisk 3 eggs and 1 yoke with spender
    Mix pot flakes with baking powder then combine your mixed egg
    Mix and add you chsen flavouring ( essence)
    Whisk remining egg white until soft peaks form and fold in remining white
    spoon into tin and bake for 20-30 mins until rrisen and firm to touch
    Leave to cool for 5 mins and turn out on wire rack until completely cool

    add your quark syn free filling , either with nuttella 9 add 4syns/ or fruit for nil syns

    Double the quantities for a victoria sponge use large eggs for both cakes.

    This cake make great muffins , spoon into muffin cases and add blue berries ( syn free) or finley cut up curly wurly for 5 syns per batch.


    Phil xx
  16. Mel2

    Mel2 Silver Member

    I've never seen slender anywhere.
  17. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    Here's a Quark Trifle

    2 pkts of lime suger free jelly
    2 muller light lemon/lime yogs
    0% greek yog
    tub Qaurk
    zest & juice of one lime


    make upone jelly and allow to set as per instructions on packet
    once set, make up another jelly with just half a pint of boiling water - then let it cool and then add it to the two mullerlights yogs.
    pour over the set jelly and allow to set in the fridge

    mix some 0% greek yog with quark, sweetner,zest and juice of a lime and put on the top

    for three layers, the whole thing is just 2.5 syns the whole trifle!!!! and is great. Ideal for christmas.


    Phil x
  18. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    ADSA TESCO and Morrisons

    Phil x
  19. StripedDaisy

    StripedDaisy A sucker for a key change

    I can't click to 'thank' so take this post as a thank you instead Phil ;)
  20. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    Strawb cheesecake

    5 tubs of quark
    1 sachet of strwb suger free jelly
    3 sachets of choc options or cadbury highlights
    fresh strawbs


    3 tubs of quark in bowl dissolve jelly in just a 1/4 pint bof water, add to bowl and mix very well. stir in fruit (chunked up) and place inti serving dish. Place into fridge to set firm.

    Place 2 tubs of quark into bowl add 3 sach of choch options ( save a bit to sprinkle on top) add sweetner to taste and mix well. Spread on top strawb cheesecake. Sprinkle choc on top from left over options.

    Try raspberry jelly and fresh raspberries...

    Enjoy !!

    Phil x
  21. Frontier-Phil

    Frontier-Phil Silver Member

    I have low syn choc cake ( 9 syns per whole cake) & Dark choc and berry roulade. ( 1.5 syns per serving)

    lemon mousse ( syn free) & No syn ice cream

    Interested anyone.... bet you are ...LOL!

    Phil x

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