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quark question please


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May be able to do so, it would make a thicker dip though. If I use quark in sauces it tends to be whisked with eggs to thin it down.
I reckon I'd use yoghurt or FF in this instance. xx


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I use it spread on ryvita and top with onion and tomato. It's great if you mix in an ounce of strong cheddar and leave overnight - it takes on the flavour of the cheese and you get a tub of cheesey dip for a HEX choice or 6 syns.
I use it mixed with eggs as a carbonara sauce and also as a coating for pasta bake.
If you have a sweet tooth, it's good mixed with a tablespoon of lemon curd and some use an options sachet too.
Mostly I use it for carbonara and ryvita though.


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ummm....yeah I think so. as Jaylou said it would deff make a thicker dip though.....give it a go with a small amount and see what it tastes like


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YES....I just remembed my friend made a cheese and chive dip with quark, so I guess so yeah. It was really nice as well. I had some! :)


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mmmmmmmm........cheese and chive dip


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I love it spread thickly on crispbreads with sliced tomato and gherkin, lovely....

There is a poster (Beki) on here who mixes an Option drink powder into Quark to make a choccie dessert, I've not tried it yet but many have, and they say it's just the thing for a chocolate fix - you can use 1 or 2 Options depending on how chocolatey you want it, but don't forget to syn your Options, 2 syns per sachet...enjoy. X


is getting better at it
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do you know what i dont really like quark it has a twang to it, think i will stick to my cream cheese and syn it


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I don't like the taste of it on its own so I just use it for cooking
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It's too bland and sharp to use on its own I find...but mixed with a little yoghurt and then with other flavours added, tis great.

I have had limited success with it in cooking, unless it's mixed with eggs. I tried to add it to milk and make a cheese sauce the other day and it went severely wrong! It kind of partially melts and went a bit lumpy but still gloopy. And when I tried to stir it through pasta once, on its own, that was a disaster. It went really dry!

But I have had much success using it for SW quiche, cheesecake, dips etc.


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Ooh i have just bought a tub of quark too, so thanks for all the great ideas posted guys!



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It really does make a yummy and super simple lemon cheesecake! Just whip it up with plenty of sweetener and the zest and rind of a lemon, then get a couple of little ramekins and stick whatever you fancy in the bottom for the base - a couple of crushed up alpen light choc fudge bars and gingernut biscuits works for me! Then spoon the luscious lemoniness over the top, stick some raspberries or mandarin segments on it, and into the fridge to chill.

Very tasty!!
I too do the carbonara with Quark - cook your pasta, drain off the water and return the pasta to the hot pan. Whist up 2 or 3 eggs and stir immediately through the pasta so the heat of the pasta cooks the eggs, and then stir your tub of quark in to the eggy pasta. You can also add bacon or ham or chicken depending on your taste, and I often stir a spoonful of garden peas through too, or sweetcorn.

Best eaten warm. It is still nice cold but the quark will have made your pasta all stick together and it will have lost it's "moistness" if you know what I mean.

Another yummy thing you can do is a sweet chilli dip. Just stir 2 or 3 tablespoons of sweet chilli sauce (1.5 syns per tablespoon) into the pot of quark and it's done!
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I love it mixed with chives and a little bit of milk,salt & pepper on the jacket potato! I prefer it because it is smooth, but still tastes like cottage cheese!
I am thinking about making a cheesecake as well....

I love quark!!!!!!!! :)

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