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I made spaghetti carbonara with quark last week. Just whisked half a pot with an egg, salt and pepper and hexa cheese. Then fried a bit of bacon. Boiled some pasta, drained it then mixed in the quark mix and the bacon bits. Was gorgeous and tasted really creamy and naughty and was free on extra easy or green too if you used the bacon as a hexb.

I haven't made this in a while so bear with me !
tub of quark, 2 tubs of mullerlite mandarin yogurt, i sugarfree orange or mandarin flavoured jelly. mandarins

1 mix yogurts and quark together
2 mix jelly so that its not very runny ie 15 tbsp of bolied water let cool for 1 min.
3 Then add yogurts and quark mix, put into a shallow cake tin and cover top with mandarin segments and let set in fridge

you can use crushed digestive biscuits and low fat marg for the base but then you have sin value otherwise virtually sin free, (think suger free jelly may have a nominal sin)
you can also use other fuits and jelly ie strawberry you can also use gelatine instead of sugerfree jelly but i thought that tasted a little metally. post if you try and enjoy


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I use Quark in so much ...

Instead of butter in mash
Mixed with pasta
In quiches

I always have a few tubs in the fridge its so versatile.


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I bought some quark today at the supermarket and a little scared about using it! Thanks for the recipes - they sound great! x
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:Dive just been to sainsberrys and couldnt find any. can anyone tell me what its normally next to thanks


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It is also nice as a topping for fruit salad or in place of any cream in a sweet dish if you mix in a good amount of vanilla extract/vanilla essence and some sweetner. Mix it all up and of you go :)

Kat xx

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