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maybe use fat free fromage frais i know i have substituted it before to make it thicker i whack it with the electric whisk


Will be thin god dammit!!
If not Asda always have it in the speciallity cheese bit x


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Always have it in Morrisons next to the cottage cheese (and tesco)
Waitrose and Tesco sell it. It is thicker and more solid than fromage frais, so the texture might be a bit different. Not much difference in the taste, though.
I've never had quark before and I didn't even know it existed until SW consultant told me about it. Apparently it's fat free soft cheese which can be used in many things (dips, sauces, cakes, toast, etc) Has anyone had it? Is it nice? I am going to have to make something with it. Mmm... I love cheesecake, maybe I should make some with Quark. I've seen it, they sell it at Morrisons and Tesco. :)

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Our Sainsbury's has it but it's with the yoghurts.


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Know this is a late reply but I reckon 0% greek yoghurt would work in place of it if you can't get any. I use it as a substitute all the time as I find Quark a bit too dry/pastey
Quark is brilliant stuff. You can marry it off with so many things. In the past I have chopped beetroot, onion, sweet and sour gherkin etc and had that with 2 ryvitas, or even with chopped fresh fruit. It is great to make soups creamy, to use on toast, on top of strawberries, the list is endless.

We get it here without a problem and at times this place is really third world !!!! I am sure that in Bromley you will have no trouble.

I agree with Claireybell, please put the recipe here,

Good luck and enjoy.
We sturggle to get it out here but fortunately a friend has dixcovered that they do it in the Debenhams Food Hall we have here. Maybe that's an option try your Marks and Sparks or Debenhams Food parts.
A Debenhams Food Hall? I've NEVER heard of that! :)

Well, I did find the Quark, in Tescos in the soft cheese area and I made the banoffee pie, but I used too much gelatine, so it came out more like a moose. Was still nice though and hubbys nan had two helpings! Will give it another go, with the proper amount of gelatine and then I'll take a photo of it! :)

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