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I think you'll find it by the cheeses, near the cottage cheese. Its virtually fat free soft cheese
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wendyswoo, it's a fat free soft cheese and very useful for making pasta sauces (just discovered it makes a lovely carbonara) and if you flavour it with garlic or herbs it is lovely stuffed in a chicken breast. ;)
I love quark. I spread it on a caramel snack a jack (2 and a half syns) and put mashed banana on top....oh lovely....you can also put a little bit of sweetener and an option with it and just eat it...(about 2 syns) both on green


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i got some today from tescos it was near the parmesan and mascapone cheeses further down from the cottage cheese


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we tried it 3 times and its erm..... different, also tried fat free fromage frois, they both in asda and u cant miss them,


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I know this is a really daft question, but what is it? and where would i find it in the supermarket?

Thanks x
thanks so much for asking this i've been looking through recipies and thinking the exactly the samething xx
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I love it but others hate it so a bit like marmite lol.

I use it in spaghetti carbonara and my favourite is to have it with a sachet of options stirred in.

BUT i think it is one of the hardest things to find in the supermarket. Some stores keep it near cottage cheese some keep it near cream cheese I often end up asking.

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i love it aswell. i always have to search around for it in different stores aswell. like the sound of it in carbonara sauce.
ok I know this is the wrong place but I cant believe this forum is sooooo busy. How on earth do you find your posts?
Usually at the top of a forum it says new posts, your posts unanswered posts....I cant find things I have posted in. Thanks, sorry again know its wrong place but I can find Quark (even if asda do try to hide it!):sigh:


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love quark with 2 x white choc options mixed in and spread over 2 x alpen bars chopped up in a dish - 1 heb & 4 syns = yummy quick cheesecake...........delish. OR 10.5 syns if you've had your heb's for the day - but half of this is enough anyway.

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