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Not very good at this!
I have only recently discovered it and love it too, although I prefer the thick one, as opposed to the slightly runnier one I bought in sainsburys.


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I was actually just thinking the other day - how on Earth have I lived without it all my life! I never heard of it before dukan and now I use it in EVERYTHING. I use the runny sainsbury's ones for dips and sauces and for mixing with the Dukan Bread etc and the thick one makes amazing desserts

Seriously - where has it been all my life!! :)


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I found it in morrisons next to the Philly and stuff. It was quite hidden away. Not sure where else you can get it. It's sooo cheap as well it's brill.

Ooo a runny one for a dip sounds nice! Clearly I should make a trip to sainsburys! Thanks for that :) x


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It's the Be good one - it was my first ever experience with quark so I didn't know any different until recently but it's quite like sour cream. Totally different to the other one I use, which I get in Tesco but can't for the life of me remember the brand....

Seriously fab stuff though. I go through tonnes!


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Ha ha funny I really DON't like the Sainsbury one... It's the taste more than anything - in this case I'm happier with their Fromage Frais. Shame really because my usual shop is Sainbury. So I load up on quark when I pass through Asda or Tesco ;-) Also FF is cheaper: 83p for 500gr when the quark is ~80p for 250gr.

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