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I need a little advice as i'm getting a little bit worried.

I look my last pill on Sunday usually I would have had my period by now but it's Friday and still nothing .... you can probably understand why i'm a bit worried.

Could anyone give me some advice please. :)
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Sometimes it happens, but you should take a test just to be sure, if you don't you'll just worry and if you are pg you wouldn't want to start another packet of pills.
Beleive me sitting worrying about it is alot worse then biting the bullet and doing the test.


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I would go and get one I know you are scared but you need to know and put your mind at rest. My other halves sister missed some periods and was too scared to take a test and just kept it to her self. After 5 months she eventually took one and was pregnant she went into hospital for a checkup and they said you are not 5 months you are due any day, she had the baby 2 weeks ago. I am not saying this to scare you Just that its best to find out now rather than leave it.


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Sometimes this happens and your period might just be a bit irregular, however don't want to scare you but i fell pregnant on the pill. Let us know how you get on.


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Thanks for all the advice. I think I'll get a test. Keep your fingers crossed for me. x


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good luck hun.
Although if you have been 100% good and not bveen sick dont worry too much!
I went 3 months without a period and have now come off the pill as my body just didnt want a period when on the pill (i was on it for 8 years!!)

let us know./