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Query about ladies hormonal thingamajigs...

Im due for my next jab a week 2morra dancing so i should maybe just ask the nurse and see what she thinks. Hopefully it wont make too much of a difference. I want this weight shifted so anything that slows me down will be in trouble. Grrrrrr.... :)
I just meant my body is constantly in a hormonal state rather than once a month. I know a few people mention there weight flucuates whilst menstruating which is why i wondered cos i have a constant bleed. Sowwie for confusin you!
I have the mirena which is also a constant hormonal release and ongoing spotting/bleeding.

I have felt bloated this week (TOTM) and my weight loss (its only week 2) is slow this week.

I would not worry too much. Your body will do what it will do and that is that.

concentrate on the plan and your weight loss will continue.
I have the Depo Injection every 12 weeks and to be honest, there is no pattern. I lose fairly consistently then I'll have a mad week where I lose a silly amount (either a lot like last week or not much at all) Your body will do what it will :)
Thats the one im on Bex. Was just wondering is the Depo injection ok whlst losing weight? I have 1 DD at nearly 7 months and dont want another for a few years yet!
haha @ dalite! Id hit the roof if i got a scare like that. Specially half way through this too. My LLC told me your fertility generally increases with the weight loss which is why i was wondering. No scares or real pregnancies for another 5 years or so pwease!
i was really convinced because after 4 pregnancies and one mis i had never had a false alarm.
The worse thing is we hadnt had nookie and the pregnancy test showed positive.
Very scarey and we thought maybe the second coming.!!!
The depo is fine whilst losing weight and it actually becomes more effective with the more weight you lose (according to the practice nurse I spoke to about it) I've been on it for 7 years and wouldn't change it for anything and it hasn't affected my weight loss so bonus

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