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Query for Betty Boo!

Hi just noticed that you are pproaching week 5 and wondered if you could give me abit of advice about week 3. Can I have more than one form of protein for my meal ie eggs and bacon, or chicken salad with bacon or does it have to be just one off the list. Also, did you find any fat free sauces at all and if so where? Sorry to be a pain but I want to do my shopping for the week tomorow before class and so won't see my councillor till tomorrow night. Thanks .
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Hiya Tenney

I think you can have as much and whatever variety of protien you wish as long as it comes from the list you can have.

The recepies in the book such as the tuna narcoise salad mixes protiens. I suppose you choose what you want but don't exceed what you know is the right amount in total - although this is down to the you decide.

I have been having cottage cheese and quorn slices with salad so I have been mixing my protiens. I know that AJ used to have eggs with Tuna or Salmon on salad.

My councellor said it was down to me to decide what to eat as I asked whether I could have Quorn sausages, burgers and bacon back in week 3. I didn't eat them they are still in the freezer.

I would do whatever you fancy the main thing is you just don't exceed what you really need.

As for the sauces, I haven't actually had time to cook anything in sauces yet. I found in Tesco there own Healthy Living veg one which is low cal/fat/sat fat. Also ragu's original sauces are fairly low and I noticed that Sainsbury's had weight watchers cooking sauces in small pots which are again low fat and cals.

I am not really going to use cooking sauces as I bought loads of tinned toms and aim to start cooking my own again, that way you get extra veggies and no exactly whats in it. No added salt or sugar either!!

I hope this is helpfull if you find anything better let me know as I am still on the lookout all the time.

It would also be great to know what other people are using.

How are you getting on anyway Tenney, are you enjoying the tastes again? My tastebuds have changed so much much of the stuff I loved before I find bland and the stuff I was less keen on I love.

Let me know if you need anything else as I will be asking too.

Have a great evening xx
Thanks Betty Boo that is great! I am doing ok I think I sometimes worry that I am not having enough or maybe too much but I guess that's part of the whole journey. i agree with you about taste buds I love balsamic on salads and raw mushrooms and before i wouldn't have even entertained them. I also start getting excited when I get to introduce new foods. Long may this feeling last.


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I am also feeling like am I eating enough am I eating too much it is part of the journey I guess but I have been beating myself up about it this weekend. I put on a 1lb last week and I got on the scales on sat morning and I was showing as if I had put on weight I put this down to fruit consumption so I cut back.

When I read what others have had I was not having anymore than anyone else but I will see what happens.

Back to the point

I mixed protein I sometimes have cottage cheese with a hardboiled egg yesterday I had a veg curry a little quorn and a hard boiled egg.

I bought some sauces in for week 3 but to be honest I have not used them. Like Betty Boo I have found making my own meals from scratch much more satifsying. However they are there in the cupboard should I find myself in a rush to prepare a meal.

I do use the recipes provided and so far they are quick and easy to prepare.

Hope this helps

Like Betty Boo says others please let us know some of your tips

I am going to get some of the quorn sliced meat delivered next week I think as I have been having the quorn fillets or the chicken style pieces marinated just for something different.


How are you getting on, nearly the end of another week!! How did you get on with the shopping, did you get what you wanted?


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