Query on refeed


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been on refeed now for 4 days.

Just wondering when I could start eating lean read meat.

wife has brought me some pastrami as she thought I could star eating that as its lean.

Also after a week could I then have ceasar(Weight watchers) dressing. not that I'm feed up of balsamic, which is lush. just would like to break it up a bit.

everyday throws up new questions about what I can or cant eat.

and by the way, does anyone else think that Summer fruits maintenance shake is like drinking Angel Delight
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Sorry i dont have any answers to your questions but have one of my own. When can we start eating eggs???

Thanks Nikki


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Hi yyx99,

Have just checked my refeed notes and it states that from day 4 you can have lean meat with all visible fat removed. Not really sure what pastrami is but if you think it fits that definition then you are good to go. Again according to the notes once you get beyond the 7 day refeed it is about healthy eating so if you are happy with the contents of the caesar dressing then go for it x

nikci 28 there is no mention of eggs in the refeed notes but given that they are protein, not carbs then I would think they would be fine, definitely from day 4.The idea of refeed is that you are reintroducing the carbs slowly whilst keeping the fat levels in food down, so can't see a problem with protein x

Good luck to you both


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cheers tara66, sounds good. all patrami is is cooked boiled beef with a pepper coating. and wanted to us that instead of lowfat filling to sandwich. so great.


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My friends doing 2 shakes and a meal at the moment, and the chemist told her to have egg salad as one of her allowed meals so eggs are a definite yes!!!! :)