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.. I am doing the 790 plan, it is nearly the end of week 1 and I feel great and am in ketosis.

My query is.. I am having the occasional bite of apple, couple of strawberries, raw carrot, raw peppers.. nothing really "bad" but not strictly allowed on the 790 plan. Is that because they may take you out of ketosis or any other reason??

If it's because they may take you out of ketosis (and therefore may start cravings, etc) but they do NOT take me out of ketosis, surely that is ok then?

Hope that makes sense, please say if not as I'm really keen to check this out!

Thanks! Sarah xx
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Queen of the Damned
Hi Sarah, as with any of the plans if you 'add' extras there is no way of knowing what your rate of loss will be, or how it will effect you. Some people might 'get' away with it, others won't. If you are doing the 790 plan, then you need to stick with the plan and not add extras.

You may still lose weight, and do ok, but you know as well as the rest of us do if you add things then you are 'risking' your plan. Good luck mate ;)
Thanks for your reply.. yeh I guess you are right.

My thoughts are that for me not to have binged for a week (I am a binge eater) and to have eaten properly, in control and healthily, I guess I just feel happy about what I have eaten regardless. I really can't allow myself to feel guilty about adding a bit of pepper or picking at apples at strawberries.

Please don't get me wrong.. I know you are right and that I could of course be slowing down my weight loss :rolleyes: I guess time will tell!

Thanks again for your reply, I just wasn't sure if the whole CD thing boils down to being and remaining in ketosis x


Queen of the Damned
I think you have done fantastically well not to binge, especially when you know it is an issue for you. Perhaps better to consider CD1000 rather than 790 which allows space for fruit, etc? I never underestimate the feeling of being in control and being healthy - for so many of us it is something we aim for but don't achieve.
Hi Sarah, No one on here will say its OK to eat them, to follow 790 properly then you have to go buy the book.

However, sometimes we tweak a diet to suit us, and if its a case of a bite of an apple or cock the whole thing up then Id do it. There are many hidden natural sugars in fruit though, so my advice is not to do it, but if you do, then be careful x
I completely agree with you about being and remaining in control and eating healthily. I have been so utterly out of control for the last 9 months or so, I have binged so badly that I have put on 4 stone in only 9 months :( something had to be done. But sole source was not right for me because I have to learn to eat properly and healthily.. perhaps you are right and that the 1000 plan would be better.. just worried that it'll take even longer to get the 4 stone off.

Thanks again, it's great to chat about this xx


Queen of the Damned
That's what we're all here for babes - to talk things through and reach the right place for us :hug99:

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