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Question about Alcohol

S: 17st4lb G: 13st13lb

I started last Monday 21st Sept and it has been going really well and i am looking forward to my 1st weigh in on Monday evening however i have a problem, i am flying to Russia on Tuesday to conclude a deal at work and i am confidant that i wont be eating but it is seen as very bad form if you dont "toast the deal" with Vodka. Will a shot or two take me out of Ketosis?
I guess i am prepared to affect my diet rather than offend my host but it would be great to know what damage i am doing to my diet.:break_diet:

Thanks in advance.

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Well, the best person to ask is your LLC. When they say no conventional food and drink, they mean, no conventional food and drink.

I would be addressing the fact I would sooner affect my diet. Alot of people do not drink, are allergic or cannot drink for whatever reason - you should never feel backed into a corner!

I personally would decline the alcohol.



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So if you were a vegetarian and meat was on the menu, would you decline or eat it? I'm sure you would be excused if you said there was health reasons and would prefer to toast with no less verve and Mother Natures wine, water!!
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Alcohol on 500 calories a day can have adverse affects. ;) In more ways then one. You could be ill, or you could get drunk. You could end up offending your host more, than if you refused it. ;)

Not a good idea on a VLCD.
I would try and avoid it Dan if you can.

I loved wine with my dinner before starting LL, but the thought of alcohol on so few calories makes me feel queasy. :eek:

It could make you feel drunk, then that might lead to you throwing caution to the wind...food, more alcohol etc.

I have no idea what it does to Ketosis as, in my class, we are not encouraged to ask how food or drink will affect us if we slip.

Hope you can find a way to abstain...as said above, can't you say you are allergic? Good luck. :)
S: 17st4lb G: 13st13lb
Thanks for the advice, the problem possibly arises in the fact we have been on the sauce a few times in the past to get to this point... i dont think an allergy will suffice. Maybe i can play the old "antebiotics" trick.
Na zdorovje


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White spirit like vodka or gin does not take you out of ketosis (at least in some individuals) but the liver will process the alcohol for energy instead of the fat - so for a while you just won't be losing your fat stores to keep going! :p Not until the toxins of the vodka are gone.

I myself am Russian and you will be regarded a little oddly if you don't follow custom. It may even be seen as a bit rude. So; perhaps from a business point of view, to keep dealings amicable, I wouldn't turn it down on those grounds.
Unless of course you can say that you're a recovering alcoholic (which if you say in a jokey way - it is actually how Russian humour is - they will definitely understand) then you may be let off the hook.


On a VLCD though, alcohol can indeed affect a few individuals badly and make them quite ill - but only usually after a couple of months or more of being on the diet. I know I treated myself to a few nights out on the Gin&Slimline tonic - didn't do anything to me, or my losses.
A shot of vodka/gin (25ml) is about 50 calories so; judge it on those merits.
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