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    Can you tell me what your developers sessions have been like please? I finished foundation over a month ago and gone straight into Developers. However we've not had a single session, and I haven't received anything new like a book etc (I didn't even know we might be supposed to have one until Morticia mentioned it).

    My LLC said that it's a quiet few weeks with people away, looking after the kids in the holidays or just doing family stuff and that it's always like that in the summer.

    I'm just a bit peeved to be paying £66 for my packs and all I do each week is weigh-in, pay and collect the packs. I've not even seen anyone else from the groups so can't chat/compare notes etc.

    Is this normal/usual?
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    hi there
    we had proper sessions - same as foundation really, but different people were there each week - much more fluid group so it wasn't as 'intimate' as before.

    we were given a scrap book and an 'instruction' book, but not a lot in it tbh

    sounds as if you are being short changed...?
    daisy x
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    I agree with Daisy, it really sounds like you are not getting the best deal here. Although I am technically in Foundation and for another 3 weeks. I did start my group slightly late (3 weeks in) and we have been on a developers type group for 4 weeks now. We still have a fair few from my original group, but lots of others, and some dropping in and out. It is still quite intimate, but a lot more fluid and it is nice to have other input - our group shrunk a fair bit by the latter stages. We also have a full group every week, at least an hour or an hour and a half. We are also using, what I believe are the new books, where it is all divided into 4 week modules, not one long 14 week module, so people do not necessarily have to wait for a group to start. Lol sorry for the ramble, hope you manage to get a little more support from your LLC

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    Hi SNorks

    Your LLC should be prepared to have a 'session' even if its just you - and one one ones are good, and not often easily come by. Have you asked her if you could still have a chat even though there is no group. Remind her thats what your paying for. She may assume people don;t want to stay if its only a couple of people?? We had some very sparse groups for a few weeks in the summer, but we always had a group, regardless how small.

    Development did get a bit more casual. We merged with a few other ladies - thats how I came to know SB! :) - but we didn;t have comers and goers - once we merged, we stayed the same group. I have heard its a bit more fluid now though.

    Good luck, and be sure to ask for what you need. And if you can;t get it in group or with your LLC we will try to do it here! :D

    Good luck hon - let us know how it goes.

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    My development group has been great. Nearly all of my foundation group ended up going into development but they are slowly diminishing. We have been getting the 4wk module books but we don't do an activity every week, just depends on the needs of the group.

    Like this week for example, it was measurements week so we started our meeting late We also had a new lady (re-starter) in our group as well. We could all tell that she was really nervous about being back and felt embarrased about gaining the weight back. So we just had a great chat about our journeys and all sorts of things. It was really nice. I think if she wouldn't have ended up feling comfortable by the end of the night (as she didn't to start with) then she wouldn't come back so I feel we really helped her. So all in all, although we didn't do the activity it was a really productive session.

    I'm sorry yours is all over the place Snorks. I would mention something to your LLC as I'm sure she will be more than happy to listen to you.

    Good luck with the rest of your journey x x
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