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Question about LL


I will do this!
Hi all. I have done CD a few years back and lost 3 stones but then stopped. Since then I have put on all the weight and had a son. This time I want to do LL as I want to address the issues I clearly have around food, and this time I want to keep going until I have lost 5-6 stones. I have made this commitment and feel quite good about it.
I went to my introduction visit today and it went really well, really liked everything I heard except for 1 thing. The man who held the class had done LL himself 4 years ago and has maintained and looks great. His wife is the counsellor. He said that once you are in maintenance you can come back any time for life for support when things go bad, again great. However, next he said something that concerned me. He said that some people chose to repeat abstinence every 3/4 months for a week to lose anything they have put on. For me this was concerning and I felt it was more a business statement. I appreciate that not everyone reaches goal first time and that is understandable, and please do not think I am judging as clearly I am not in a position to do so. My concern is this, with the CBT I hoped to address the issues I have around food. I know I will always struggle around making the right food choices and that will more than likely be an ongoing battle. However, I'd like to think that once I am there, at my goal, that when I start eating healthily, if I chose to have bad choices, or planned events, then the best way to address these is in the 'conventional' way, ie to restrict food before and or after the event rather than having to keep repeating abstinence.

For me this diet is extreme, but it is what is needed. It will give me a chance and time, away from food, to not only lose the weight fast, but to really look at myself, my moods, my triggers, etc. I'd hate to think that for the rest of my life I will have to continue to repeat abstinence. Sorry if this comes across judgemental, as I said this is not my intention. Any thoughts from those experienced VLCD people?
Thanks in advance.
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I simply look at it as a tool - if I need to use it once every few months for a week or two to curve a bad week's eating, then that's fine by me!

I know my aunt and uncle have done this before, they have gone back 2 or 3 times after going on holiday to get rid of the whatever they put on during the holiday.

Of course, ideally the goal is to not need to do that as you will conquer your food demons and get healthy for life! But, in my mind, there are always going to be good and not-so-good weeks for many reasons, and I'm glad I can use LL further down the line to help me get re-focussed if I need to :)

All the best for you LL journey! :)
Hi Gemma

That seems a bit of an odd thing for an LLC to promote - to come backand abstain for a week.

I lost 10 stone initially, and maintained for 9 months or so -I can't see my ticker. lol

I have however, just gone back into abstinanace for two reasons. One - I did put a few pounds on after a holiday, and then face a really trauamatic experience right on the back of that, and that trigger got me and I did put on some more. About 7 or 8 pounds in total. Not bad.

When I stopped abstinanance the first time, I stopped 1 stone eary because I was going on a long holiday. I had a month long holicay during abstinance which I stayed on the diet the entire time. but this time, as I was at a weight I hadn;t been at for 25 years or so, I was very happy with it, and came off the diet and complete RTM so I could enjoy the holiday without the diet this time.

I gave it a lot of thought, recently, with my recent gain, and I thought I could lose the 7 or 8 pounds.....or, I could go into abstinanace and lost them, PLUS the stone I didn;t lose the first time around. I kind of felt sad I never got to put my footprint on that original goal.....so I decided to do that. Kill two birds with one stone so to speak.

My LLC would not allow me to do it, unless I committed to at least 4 weeks on the plan, as anything less then that can really mess up your body, metabolism, etc., so I am surprised he thinks that is acceptable.

There is a ldy in our group though I have not seen her for some time, but she did use LL as a means of maintenance....she would go for a few months on her own, and then abstain as she did put on each and every time. I do not think that is healthy - not do I think she is learning anything from it.

You are right, we need to learn to put into practice normal behaviour - cutting back, etc., to maintain. Which is and was my plan. I would never have gone back to abstinance if I had not decided to go for my original goal - which I left as an option when I stopped the diel last year.

But, the thing is - we are all individuals, and can and should use the plan as we need to, as long as it is for the right reasons, and as long as it is in a healthy manner. And LL is a very good means to an end. But I would not want to do it any more often then I have to!! :)

THats how I feel about it.

So, thats my story.

Good luck to you!!

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I will do this!
thanks Pete, and your pictures are amazing, well done to you.
BL I have been reading your stories and find you to be a truly inspiring person for me. I hope I can be as strong and determined as you. I know doing LL is a choice and it's my choice and I am so excited. I won't be starting for a few more weeks as we have a party coming up and if I can't eat or drink I know I will just be miserable. And that is not an excuse as I have worked out I will be on SS for my 30th Birthday as well as Christmas and that is fine by me, I'm in this to win it! And I will take this time, like you did BL to prepare emotionally and psychologically. I had a good talk to myself last night in the bath about why I am doing this and what I want from it, and for the first time ever, I have actually been able to see myself as a slim me, that is an exicting prospect, and one that is achievable in around 7 months.
Thanks guys x
Aw, thanks Gemma. I am glad if I can inspire you - if anything I have shared helps you. Sounds lke you are doing everything right. I bet you can't wait to get started!! I had LOTS of talks with myself in the tub!!! lol And you said my favourite thing - something i sad over and over "In it to win it!"

Being able to "SEE" yourself slim is a huge thing. It was for me. I used to DREAM ofmyself thin, but never could actually see it. On LL, when I did SEE it - like a photo in my mind - thats when I knew I would obtain it. Look at that image in your head every single day - it will help pull you towards that reality!
Well done Mrs - wishing you lots of luck and success!!!



...we're sinking deeper.
First of all - well done on embarking on this journey! It shows that you are a very strong woman, and you are definitely taking control back over your personal emotional life! Since you have done CD before - I know you realise how tough this will be... But it's very much worth it.

To answer your question: the thing is - in a week, you will never actually lose any 'fat' weight (it's all going to be pretty much water/glycogen) - so going back for 1 week to lose any "extras" is purely psychological. It is a form of encouragement for people to get back into their 'control' zone and remind themselves to eat well and not give in to demons which may push them to give up and get out of control. (Think of a post-holiday stress for example! A small gain can make someone freak out! :D )

Some people do choose to replace a meal every once in a while with a foodpack - even in maintenance because it makes them feel more in control of their eating habits.

And to be fair, judging from my own experiences - the CBT only truly sunk in when I went back to LL. Initially I was on abstinence for 9 months and lost 8 stone. I never reached target and due to feeling quite ill I had to stop... Then a few months later I went back to LL and lost a further 1 and a half which was purely to finish what I started! But the CBT and counselling - it is great (depending on your willingness to work through it properly and the competence of your LC). I found with so much information being lunged at me the first time, a lot of it only really got through the second time!
You might be better off getting professional help from a psychotherapist, rather than relying on the CBT/TA you get in LL. This may be more coherent in the women's group, but I've found it a bit patchy, mostly because we're all at different stages, though still useful.


going to do it!!!!
does anyone know if you have to pay for a months supply in advance ? i did LL last year and have put a bit back on i would love to return to refreshers but ive been told you have to pay for the whole month and at the minute cannot afford it! any answers would be really appreciated thanks
You shouldn't have to pay in advance no, you pay week by week. Some LLC's ask for the first and last week's pay as an incentive to keep you on it for the full term, but I've never heard of having to pay for a whole month in advance, that's really not right!

Jo B

Full Member
Hiya, in refreshers I believe you do have to pay for a 4 week block in advance - as I understand it this is to make sure that people commit for a month at a time. HTH
Not in my refreshers group you don't - if any LLC asks you to do this - go to another! I pay weekly for my packs and if I don't go for any reason (like when I go on holiday for 2 weeks in September) then I don't pay - simple as!


is loving CWP xx
I do pay weekly but we have been told that if we miss a week due to holidays etc then we still have to pay for and take the packs for them weeks. The reason being is that you are still supposed to be in abstinece the whole time so if you choose to eat then that is the individuals perogative.
I do pay weekly but we have been told that if we miss a week due to holidays etc then we still have to pay for and take the packs for them weeks. The reason being is that you are still supposed to be in abstinece the whole time so if you choose to eat then that is the individuals perogative
I'm sorry, but I totally disagree with that. If you decide to have a week off, dont go to the meeting and dont need the packs, why should you pay? You wouldn't still buy your regular shopping for the week if you were going away would you? and you're not taking any of the LLC's time so you can't be "billed" on that account either.

Just me 2cents :)

EDIT: sorry, just read that back and what i posted sounds like I'm having a go at you - I only meant I disagree with the fact you should have to pay, not with you! :)


I will do this!
we were told if we 'cheat' or for some reason don't buy all the packs we still have to buy a full weeks packs the following week as the LDC has to pay LL a full weeks pay for each of us that signs up for the coruse. I am ok with that as I intend to stay abstinence! but one thing that did come to my mind, was what if you are really sick and don't eat for a few days? I don't mind either way as I hope this is the last diet I ever do!
you would just have some extra over at the end - when you done with RTM you could just use them as part of your daily diet.
daisy x


I will do this!
I find that very difficult to believe. If I were you, I'd call LL and ask them. You can be anonymous but I've never heard an LLC mention that before. I also don't think it's healthy to just do LL for a week. It's mostly the glycogen you lose that week so what's the point.
I'm not planning on doing it for 1 week? I will be doing it for 5/6 stone loss I hope!


going to do it!!!!
i rang the llc who had told me about paying a month in advance just incase i had heard her wrong but she stated the same thing again!! im gutted!!! im really dissapointed that it seams to be up to the individual llc to decide how to charge surely all should be the same.
i dont want to be a pain but i think im going ring headquaters to see what they say.
a very angry ,upset Jo
I think it is fair for them to expect a full purchase of 66 pound a week. AFter all, there shouldn;t be any packs left at the end of the week. ;) As Daisy said, if there are, they are spares for later, or if one goes wrong...which can happen. (i.e. Salt the banana shake because it was dark when you made it thinking it was CHicken soup....;) :D)

I did not see anyone talk abuot doing LL for just a week though?
i rang the llc who had told me about paying a month in advance just incase i had heard her wrong but she stated the same thing again!! im gutted!!! im really dissapointed that it seams to be up to the individual llc to decide how to charge surely all should be the same.
i dont want to be a pain but i think im going ring headquaters to see what they say.
a very angry ,upset Jo
THat does seem a bit harsh =- maybe she could compromise and charge two weeks? I mean, at the end fo the day, you will be paying four weeks anyway - but ifyur pay schedule is such that it creates a hardship she should be able to work with you.

See what HQ says.

I hope it works out for you. :) Are there other LLCs in your area?


going to do it!!!!
hi blond logic,
there are no other llc in my area bthe next nearest is a 20mile trip and as a busy mum of 4 boys the yougest being 2yr old twins im pushed for time i also work full time!
when i did ll first time round it was with a different llc but she has since left1
iv rung up about cd and i can pay weekly for this so im going to give it a try.
i just feel very upset bybthe whole thing especially if its not actually company policy!
anyway enough moaning from me i suppose a vlcd is a vlcd and as long as you stick to it you will lose weight!
heres to my journey,
jo x

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