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question about ordering

When you put in a order and you click on all the options of what flavour meals/bars/shakes you would like to have in your pack. How evenly do they distribute them?

For example if I click on Porridge, cottage pie and spag bol and I have picked the selection for 40 meals will I get 13 of each (and obviously 14 on one of the meal selections)
or do they just give you random amounts of each.

Hop this makes sense and someone can answer this for me. Thanks :D
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i ordered 28 meal 14 bar and the rest shakes and got pretty much equal amount of each **don't forget to enter nov14 in the promo area to to 10 free bars and free delivery **hopes this helps x
very evenly , I didnt realise you can specify the number you want of each , thats good to now becasue i like the spag bol better than the cottage pie and would like to try a few porridge too
They are so helpful and great customer service IMHO, I can't have the spag bol :( cos I have to avoid wheat and when I chatted on the online chat thingy they advised you can request any quantities which is great - so this order ot a few singles such as hazlenut as wasn't sure I would want lots


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BigDave - you could always give them a ring and try to change the quantity of each of the products. They're usually pretty helpful by all accounts.
Yes their customer service is excellent , I was emailing rob yesterday about specifying numbers on my order and he was very helpful

He also told me they are working on a new website with a chatroom, and somewhere you can chart your progress and loads of helpful information about the plan and refeeding

Im so glad I found this diet , I would have really struggled on 3 shakes a day, the spag bol and the salad allowance make this doable for me


Feeling great in 2012!
Im so glad I found this diet , I would have really struggled on 3 shakes a day, the spag bol and the salad allowance make this doable for me
I always thought you were a crazy chick to try and do shakes only ;). I did shakes only for 4 months when I did Lipotrim in 2005 and try as I might I just could not go back to a shake only diet as it was too terrible to contemplate once the 'spell' was broken. The variety makes this diet so much easier to take day in day out and it makes it so much easier to go back to after a break. If I'd gone back to Lipotrim I would have failed by now.
Well I cant deny im crazy but to be honest it was purely a financial choice at the time

I couldnt afford the meals and bars but things are better money wise now and finding s and s means I can afford to do it

mind you when i look at it , £3/4 a day is about what i was spending on food
there customer service is very good indeed however citilink the company they used to courier my delivery are not!! My packs finally arrived on Saturday and after one last day of debauchery on Sunday I am now on the path to redemption! First shake was today and it was red fruits, smells nicer than it tastes but a lot better than i was expecting. Chicken soup for lunch. Will post a new thread about my story soon.


Feeling great in 2012!
Yes, good luck bigdave! How much are you aiming to lose?
Yes, good luck bigdave! How much are you aiming to lose?
Hi Borders,

The plan is to lose approx 8 stone (weigh 23st 10 now) then put a bit back on as muscle. I am 6ft 3 and am of a large build anyway, so goind down to say 16 then putting on 1.5 stone - 2stone of muscle would be good for me i think. Obviously that is a long way down the line and i have some mini goals in between. I think i need 20 posts before i can set my signature/profile up so people can see my plans etc.

This forum is great, i was hungry and all i could think about was food, i start reading posts etc then an hour has passed and the hunger has subsided. After only 1 shake i seem to be burping a lot. is this normal?


Feeling great in 2012!
Yes you will need a few more posts to add a signature, and then some more to allocate you further characters (I didn't realise that when I joined and couldn't work out why other people have much longer signatures than I could manage). You can update your stats on the left though without needing a signature (I think!).

The first few days are tough but after that it's pretty much a breeze and the weight just falls off (says she who is having a good day today :)).

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