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Question about OT


is a naughty girl...
What actually counts as 'off topic'? I mean how much relation does it have to do with CD to be considered 'on topic'? because where I am coming from daily threads are off topic as they are talking about what the people are doing that day and so was my thread regarding my date and what about all the 'last person to post wins' thread? is that 'on topic'?

The reasons I liked Mininmins CD section was

a) I am following CD
b) I loved the support and information that was available
c) that it took my mind off difficult times, when I wanted to eat/binge/moan.

I love reading about people and helping them in all ways. I find this totally stupid and I needed to voice my opinions in an 'off topic' section because I havent mentioned CD enough! ERGH!

Hope you are all having a fantasitic day, and I will apologise now because some one will take offence to this even though it is directed at a general audience!
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I'm with you on this one Megan!


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im with you too, I wondered where all the gossip was when I came for a nosey :) xx


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I'm with all of you ladies -- I visit here to be "off Topic" of my food obsession. So, please distract (and entertain me) with your date tales, trials and tribulations.



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What actually counts as 'off topic'? I mean how much relation does it have to do with CD to be considered 'on topic'?
Have a little look here and you can see how SW use their OT forum.

Slimming World Off Topic - MiniMins.com - Weight Loss Support Forum

Great idea in my opinion :) Much better than the previous way of needing to go 'outside' the cambridge forum onto the flirt zone, or chit chat etc so that people could find the on topic stuff on the diet forum without having to search for it :clap:

Brought to you by Pierce, to make life easier :D

Daily threads wouldn't really be off topic as they are generally to help encourage each other..along with off topic stuff, but a completely off topic item like family relationships, or what is on the TV tonight, or perhaps a game, would be better placed within the CD off topic forum.

Oh go on....say it's a good idea. Pretty please :D :D


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I think this is my fault, sorry guys.


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I preferred everything being together - it was nice and distracting - there is plenty of diet stuff there anyway. What was good was having an interesting all round place where no matter what you talked about, people knew where you were coming from.
sigh - I keep forgetting this o/t place is here and hence forget to read it.
I wish it would all go back to the way it was - I worry now before I write things and that is not what this place is all about.


is a naughty girl...
I agree alexice! Also I really dont understand why the threads,

Last to post wins..

Are still in the CD thread, maybe it is because they clearly have more to do with CD than someone on a CD diet asking for dating tips :D (sarcasm I love it)

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