Question about Peppermint tea.

xx Cathy xx

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I think other mints are ok, I've got some peppermint and nettle ones which are nice. The things you can't have are fruit teas or flowered teas so no cammomile if I remember rightly. Teas made from just the leaves are fine though... I got some spearmint tea last time I did this from Whittards I think but dont reccommend it as it tastes like someone put mouthwash in your tea!


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Just double check that the ingrediants are purely leaves and nothing else and then you will be sweeeet to drink it!


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Yes i was told only leaf teas so i would imagine they are fine to get. A few people like to make a choc mint shake with the mint tea, give it a go.


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I have a mint plant in the kitchen, just pick off a handful leaves , then allow it to brew in boiling water for a while, you can put a jug in the fridge so it's ready for use,.
I use this as I don't have to worry about what is going into the packs and it hasn't got that 'tea' taste either!

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Yep, any "leaf tea" is fine. I also use just plain old earl grey, the twinings one, and it is lovely. Also, top tip for tea making, make your tea with the water gone off the boil. Boil the kettle and leave it for five min. then pour onto the tea bag. This way, you won't get a burnt, strong, bitter taste.


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is nettle tea any good? ive always been a bit sceptical of it. whenever i think of it i think itl sting me though i know it wont lol!..x

xx Cathy xx

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Peppermint and nettle is really nice, it tastes "cleansing" if you can have such a thing. Just tried some green tea tonight for first time blergh! its not that good!