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Question about Water


I'm trying to drink between 3-4L everyday problem is I keeping going to the toilet - I think I am drinking my water too quickly and it just comes straight out - I know this will sound stupid but is there a "knack" to drinking the water?

Also I thought I read the more water you drink the more weight you lose well I seem to weigh more after drinking loads?

I'm not usally this dense - thanks:confused::confused:
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I'm starting to get fed up with the amount of times I go to the loo to be honest! As I stayed in this weekend I worked out that I went pretty much every 30-45mins! The longest I've gone without a pee break is my journey to and from work and heaven help me the day that takes longer than an hour!

I'm trying to sip my water more rather than gulp it down, figure this will help, guess my body is just getting used to drinking at least twice as much than it is used to! Anyone have any idea how long it will take to settle down?!
I'm glad its not just me then - I also have to try and get all the water drank by 9.30pm ish or else I'm up in the night as well.

I think I should get one of those hats with the straws that way I can just drink all day LOL.

I have to say my skin is lovely for all the water so that is a good side effect!!
I do not think there is a knack to it, all things being well, whatever goes in must come out, so whether you gulp, sip, chug....if it goes it, it will need to come out.
I drink 4 liters a day myself, sometimes more, as NY is very very hot, it is 37 C here today, so bathroom calls are the norm around here !


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Thanks Fairycakes - I just relalised I logged in with an old account thought it looked odd !!

I love NY - I stayed there for 6 months in 1997 in a place called Sunnyside in Queens - I loved it so much!
The fact that you are peeing so much is a good thing!

It's a sign that your body is burning fat, as every time you have to pee you are expelling the ketones that have built up from burning fats (hence, Ketosis!)

Your body will eventually get used to the upped water intake and the buildup of ketones, but it can take a few weeks to get back to what seems like a "normal" amount of loo trips.

Also I thought I read the more water you drink the more weight you lose well I seem to weigh more after drinking loads?
Well in effect, if you drink 1 litre of water (which weighs 2.2lbs) you will immediately become 2.2lbs heavier, because you now have that additional weight inside you - just the same as if you stood on the scales holding the bottle of water!

What people mean is that increasing your water intake helps 'flush' the ketones and other nasty things produced from breaking down fats from your body, which in turn leads to your body being more efficient at burning fat, so you lose a bit more over time.

Remember, your weight can change as much as 7lbs within a day - it will *never* stay at the exact same place because your weight comes from everything that your body has; bones, muscle, stomach and bladder contents.. stuff that you just can't control. Everyone is lighter in the morning that in the evening, if you drink lots of water just before you get weighed you will appear to weigh more, if you don't drink enough water your body will be rubbish at burning fats and you won't lose as much, if you get a bit constipated it can make it seem like you haven't lost as much weight.....

Although your weight is a good guideline, it's not the only thing to look at - measurements are better (waist, arms, thighs etc) and how your clothes fit are, in some ways, better for showing you are losing fat. Having a bodyfat test (done with calipers, literally that "can you pinch an inch" test) is also a great way to see how you are doing because it accurately measures where bodyfat deposits are stored.

From my measurements and my clothing I have seen that since starting my weight training, I have had weeks where I have gained weight (from building muscle), but still lost bodyfat - scales alone wouldn't show this, they would only have shown a gain in overall weight.

So, don't panic if you appear to gain a pound or 2 after drinking some water or getting regular exercise; it'll be 'fake' weight from water, or 'good' weight from muscle toning/building :)
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I aim to drink 4 litres a day.
I try to do my first 2 litres before 1pm, then the final 2 before 4/5pm, otherwise I need the loo all night!
When I first starting upping my water intake I hated it, but now my body has got used to the extra water. :)

On a weigh in day I stop drinking after 2pm, as one week I drank 3 litres in the two hours before my weigh in and I only lost 1ibs, was dissapointed, then when I weighed myself the next day (as I was sure i'd lost more than a pound), i'd actually lost 4ibs!


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Thank Pete! At least I know my hourly trips to the loo are serving a purpose other than getting on mine and my cat's nerves! Poor thing used to sit on my lap snoozing for hours - now as soon as she gets comfortable I'm up to the toilet again LOL

I guess this also shows the importance of being weighed at roughly the same time each week - I usually go to class straight from work so have no option but to keep drinking throughout the day otherwise I'd feel like I'd pass out! So when I get weighed I've always drunk 4 litres - as long as that stays the same the results should be consistent losses (I hope!)

So glad to hear you liked being on this side of the pond ! I love England and have been 9 times, and one day all being well it will for good.

I live in Brooklyn, so only 1 borough away from Sunnyside in Queens.

You would not like being here now I should think, we are having a massive heatwave at the moment and today will be 102 degrees F !!! ( 41 Centigrade ).



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I sip at my water and aim to have a pint for every hour. I know 9 pints is just over 4ltrs and I have normally done that by about 6-7pm. the maybe I will have one or two more pints in the evening.

But my LLC told us to think of it as a water wheel, you need little and often to keep it turning.

However the toilet trips are becoming a pain. I feel like an old lady with no bladder control!!!! ;)
I used to get weighed every week at 6.30ish I learned that if I stopped drinking water that day about 3pm it was better for the weight loss.
Now I'm not quite so vigilant, but little and often is my motto and if I'm hsving a sluggish kind of day I ususally realise I haven't drun enough water.


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OMG Lind I'm so with you on that one! Had to make a pit stop on the way home from work tonight - traffic was so bad I just knew I wouldn't make it home! Thank goodness for the nice staff at Showcase Cinema on the A13 that let me nip in and use their loo!
I did seriously think about writing a "Dieter's Bible " covering all the available loos in Sussex!
Could have made me a fortune if I had done it.


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Definitely an opportunity missed SB! I was sat in traffic racking my brains trying to think where I could exit and use a loo! Will definitely make a mental note of pit stops for the future!


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I know all the toilet stops from my house to the supermarket, to the playground, beach and really everywhere I go I know where the nearest loo is!!

Still my skin looks amazing, my eyes look sparkly and blue and clear and my hair is very soft. So I suppose I shouldn't complain, even if I am thinking about those Tenna Lady pants!!!!! ;)
I have less spots and fewer shaving rashes. dont know if it is the omission of something in the diet or the added water. but do "look" better. (difficult to polish a turd)

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