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Question about * week

Summerrose - do you go to a group or are you doing it by yourself? If you're a group member, I'd definitely go because you get so much more than a weight change out of the meeting. At the end of the day, the weight will come off when it comes off and as long as you're following the plan, you'll be fine. There is a school of thought that we should take our monthly weight change rather than a weekly one as an indicator of how we're doing because that takes into account all the ups and downs that our bodies go through during a monthly cycle. Try not to get too hung up on it hun - it'll happen for you and, as Kissme says, it'll right itself if its a TOTM disappointment. xxxx
Never skip a weigh in Hun!!! Its all to easy to do that when you have a bad week etc.
Face the scales, as its your first week, you may find that you will still have lost regardless.


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i agree with the others, you cant miss 1 wi a month because its your * week! Its the same as if you have a naughty week or a bad wkend it will help to go and when your C talks to you you can say its your * week if you want to justify it!

You may well lose, but you dont know unless you go



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Definitely don't miss WI hon! If you have gained, so what - it'll come off after * week! If you've stayed the same, so what - it'll come off after * week! If you've lost, good on you!

But if you don't go then if you have a good loss next week you'll never know quite how good it was!
Ok, I will weigh myself. I am just doing it at home. Its hard to not take a sneaky peek everyday! I have stuck to it 100% so even if I have a slight gain I am not going to worry myself to much. Thanks!
i would never personally skip wi, because its not just the weighing in your paying for , its the class.

- my * week hardly ever affects me, and wouldnt use it as a reason for staying the same or any gain, but saying that it can affect alot of people.

if youv followed the plan i have no doubt youv lost somthing, the amount of time iv told myself i feel no different and have lost a good 3lb, or have felt my clothes be baggy and convinced i'v lost somting decent and sts, .. i dont trust my mind or body anymore! only the scales will tell!

be brave ;) good luck. xxx
i dont understand when we retain water, is it week before TOM or during! as id of thought woudl weigh less during :S confused.
I think we're all individual to be honest. I often retain water mid month when I'm ovulating so its just a case of being aware of your body and not worrying too much about it when it happens. Some people never retain water at TOTM - lucky lot!!!! xxx
ah well ive lost quite a bit post 5 weeks so obv wasnt a time of month that i put on but one week lost less so maybe it was the time i retain water, but not going to worry about the week as long as i lose weight in long run. thanks for info :)
just worked out my week only lost one was week before TOM might see how it is next month too, see if pattern but like i said aim is long term weight loss
Summer don't skip WI hun, its a bad road to start out on and you will still have to pay. My first WI was * week and I fretted about it loads and I really shouldn't have as I lost 6lb !

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