question around CD and hopeful bun in the oven!!

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by Scarlett, 24 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Scarlett

    Scarlett Full Member

    I posted this on pregnancy without the pounds but was wondering if any CD counsellors or long timers were around to help...

    I am currently 15 stone, having lost 2 stone on CD, and am Sole sourcing. Was planning to lose all of weight and then try... but that means waiting til Nov/Dec and to be honest at 31 I am starting to think have I left things too late...

    So if I stop pill my question I guess is, is it safe to carry on with CD until I know I am pregnant?? its not like most ppl concieve straight away so surely this could take 2/3 months and I could carry on with weight loss in the process, and then switch to slimming world or just healthy eating in the process.

    To be clear I totally understand its not safe or advised to SS when I know I am pregnant. My question is around wether I cam continue as who knows how long it will take to get pregnant!!!!!!!!!
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  3. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    I am on the 810 plan and we are trying to get pregnant. We have been trying for some time now. As soon as I know I am pregnant, I will quit CD altogether, but until then I am doing my best to loose as much weight as possible while trying. I am 32 years old. We have a thread on the 100% forum about doing CD with the goal of getting pregnant, and also a private group if you want to join?
  4. Anisah

    Anisah A pound at a time

    To be honest I will be of no help. I have however been wondering the same thing myself because we are not trying, but not preventing either. So I could be pregnant at any time.
  5. Scarlett

    Scarlett Full Member

    Hi Asa

    Yes would be good to join the group is thats okay?

    I am just reading my book on 810 and thinking that may be the better option.

    How are you getting on with it? have you lost much??

  6. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    Hi Scarlett, I have added you to the group. You should see an invitation on your User CP page.

    I only just started with the 810 plan, and it is great. I had a blip this weekend though, so thats the +3lb as you can see in my ticker. So I cant really tell you if the weight loss is as good as on ss, but I hope it is quite good anyway! We have lost exactly the same, and has almost the same left to go :D. Have you been on ss the whole time? How do you find it?
  7. CW Consultant

    CW Consultant Gold Member

    Scarlett have just posted on the other thread.
  8. wellandgood

    wellandgood Silver Member

    I was told that cd can make you more fertile because you are getting all your nutrients and in actual fact much healthier then before you started. Could be a good thing????
  9. Scarlett

    Scarlett Full Member

    thanks Linda for your reply- really helpful and has reassured me, as I do want to lose more weight but not just for vanity to have a healthy pregnancy and be fitter generally.

    Asa- thanks for joining me to the group!! I lost all my weight on SS, have stuck to it 100% for 8 weeks and lost 2 stone, had a bit of a blip in between... but am going to do 810 now for sure.

    Good luck with your babymaking :) seems unreal that I an trying after spending so much of my adult life avoiding pregnancy....
  10. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    Thats a great weight loss Scarlett! It is nice on the 810 plan. I feel much more content and have more energy over the day. Best of luck to you and your baby making as well :D
  11. mitten

    mitten The old me is coming back

    Could i join the group as well? I am currently on SS+ and trying to loose with the aim of having a wee sprog!
  12. Asa

    Asa Silver Member

    I have added you to the group!

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