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Question for a CDC please


has started again!!
Hi, I am currently on LL, have lost 5 stone so far, and have roughly the same to lose again. I know that whilst both systems use ss-ing (which I am ok with),and I also know that CD is considerably cheaper than LL. I have finished the Foundation part of my LL diet, and am wondering now if CD would be a good step for me to take now.

My main area of "interest" is what happens once the dieter reaches their goal, BMI 25 or whatever it may be? Is food gradually re-introduced and is there any particular support from the CDC to help us learn even more about the right path/ choices etc?

I hope it is ok to ask these questions, even tho I am not a CD-er, but just occasionally I feel that LL almost take the money and metaphorically run!!!!! (OOO cant believe I said that........ how rebellious!!!LOL)

Thanks in advance.
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S: 18st11lb C: 12st4lb G: 11st7lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 6st7lb(34.6%)

I have a number of clients who come to me after finishing their LL foundation programme (and some who come even before they finish too :rolleyes:) and have had positive feedback from all of them - I'm glad to say.

Assuming you stick to the program, you will enjoy exactly the same rate of loss as you've been having on LL as the diets effectively work in the same way. As an added bonus, you'll have an increased range of products to choose from and a saving in terms of weekly expense too of course.

If you do decide to swop, your CDC will go through the stabilisation and maintenance stages with you (gradually re-introducing food-groups and increasing your calorie intake) at your initial meeting, plus they are detailed in the booklet you'll get from him/her too so you can read up on them at home. You might also like to check out the Cambridge Diet company website where the various 'steps' are detailed there too.

Good luck whatever you decide to do :)


I'd say go for it.
If you don't think your LL counsellor is v good what have you got lose.

possible benefits.

1. 1/2 the price
2.more than twice the flavours
3. flexibility to see CDC as & when you want.
4. personal 1:1 guidance through SSing & when moving up the stages to maintainance.
5.the one big thing that CD doesn't do ie the TA & group stuff you've already got experience of & can bring that with you on th next stage of your journey.

ps well done on losses so far.


has started again!!
Thanks Guys. Have emailed my local CDC and waiting on her reply. I am fairly keen to make the switch, but hubby is a bit worried I wont manage "Food World" again, quiet so well as if I was doing the LL method.

BTW, my LLc is great, but I am a bit fed up with the counselling side of it now. I use the CBT & Ta to help me when I do go wrong or when I even think I might slip, but I really have concerns about the money and boredom with LL.

My mind is almost made up.... Now to tell the LLC???? Ideas please?


easy,thank her for all her help & experience but say £ is tight & you think you can afford CD & make it work by taking what you've learnt from her with you.

It's also pretty well true!


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Hi Sarah,

I made the change over just over a week ago now and its going really well.
The shakes and bars are far nicer and it is a lot cheaper which is a big deciding factor for me at the minute.

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