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question for all?

I am on my 11th week of LT, lost almost 3 stone so far and I think LT is fab and works if you stick to it!!! I am proud to say that I ve never cheated and kept my water intake between 3-4lt a day (sparkling water) :D:D:D:D
About an hour before I am due a shake I am really hungry and light headed and when I have my shake these symptoms go away but after a shake I never EVER feel full :( it keeps me going until my next shake but I am worried that my 'greediness' has not gone !!!!
Do you feel full after a shake or do you fel like me (put on until the next one)
Thanks everyone for your point of view!!!
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I dont feel full nor do i feel hungry.

Infact I dont think i've felt hungry on this diet at all - im weird i know. I had cravings at the beginning but hunger oddly no.

So sorry chick but cant help ya on this one ...


Silver Member
I think I felt "mouth" hunger, or "head" hunger, not true tummy rumbling type genuine hunger. This has taught me not to eat unless it's the real sort of hunger.
Sorry this is not much help to you.
i felt not hungry but the need to eat if you know what i mean its just a really bad habbit we have that we are now shaking free of it will get better im getting better at it now and havent cheated for a while now so i think im deffinately into the lipotrim zone you might find when you do refeed you will be so full off a few bites because of your stomach shrinking to a smaller size so you wont find yourself to be greedy anymore i find its more mind over matter now, my mind is hungry where as my belly is not lol does that make sence lol


Here we go again!
I've not felt full or hungry on this either. I have hunger feelings in my brain (you know just wanting food or craving things) but I have never given in. I want this diet to be the only time I do it and want to cleanse my pallette and change my bad eating habits too much.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
I want this diet to be the only time I do it and want to cleanse my pallette and change my bad eating habits too much.
Snap! :p


maintaining since June'09
I was only hungry in week 5 and that was because I didn't drink enough. I haven't had any cravings and I'm able to just not think about food ... I think because I'm used to meditating and have trained my mind to not think.

Guess I'm lucky xxx

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