Question for CDCs or generally anyone cleverer than me!!!

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    Hello guys!

    Let's talk bars.

    I know that you shouldn't have too many bars or they give you wind:eek: ... I just wonder if anyone knows the reason why? What is it in them that has this effect?

    I'm only wondering as I don't actually get wind if I have too many, but instead the following day I have very bad gastric reflux.

    I have to see my doc next week about my tablets, and I was just wondering if it's only the cd bars that would cause this, or whether certain foods would have the same effect:confused:

    Confused! Any answers gratefully received!!! x
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    Hi Fiona

    the reason why the guideline is to have just one bar a day is that they are higher in carbs than the shakes/soups and therefore could potentially knock some very carb-sensitive people out of ketosis. They also have more cals than the packs.

    Some people report a flatulent effect lol - some people don't and have more than one bar a day but it's a very individual matter, hence the general guideline to ensure that the majority of people lose the maximum amount of weight in the shortest possible time.

    Hope this makes sense - my bloke's been trying to talk to me whilst I'm typing this and I've lost my train of thought lol!

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    I found the choc and caramel ones did rather unspeakable things to my digestive system (ahem), despite being flipping lovely, but I tried the nut one and the cranberry one last week and they were fine. Interestingly though, I did feel hungrier on the days I had them, which I think might be a sign that I wasnt in ketosis anymore. I only lost 3 lbs that week (and my second at that!). I am going to save them for my pmt week, when I would chew my own toe nails if they were coated in chocolate!
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