Question for Counsellor


I STILL mean it!
Could someone tell me what is the lowest weight you can be to start CD, please????
Would I be right in saying it is BMI 25 or over for "with food" programmes, and BMI 25 + 1 stone for Sole Source?
Thanks, Ann
The food programmes 1000 - 1500 are fine for BMI 25 down to target weight.

SS and 790 are classed the same as they are both VLCDs so 1stone over BMI 25 is the guide.

Hi Anne,

Yes they can start on 1000 calories as they are close to the top end of healthy and can reduce down to goal weight moving up our programmes to 1500 then onto maintenance.

Also remember if your client is Asian the BMI levels are 18.5 - 23.5 so you need to adjust programmes accordingly.