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Question for Jim!!!!!

Hi Jim

AS you seem to be the Daddy of the Atkins site would you mind if I ask how long you have been on Atkins please?

Looking at your signiture photos you look amazing! How long did it take you to release the thin Jim? Were you on a different plan before or was it all Atkins?:)
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I appreciate this is a question for Jim, but thought if you are trying to get an idea of how well this diet works then I will post my progress as well, never hurts to have more info than you asked for :D

Starting Weight 18 Stone 2 Pounds 2/3/09

Week 1 - Lost 14 Pounds new weight 17 Stone 2 Pounds 9/3/09
Week 2 - Lost 4 Pounds new weight 16 Stone 12 Pounds 16/3/09
Week 3 - Lost 4 Pounds new weight 16 Stone 10 Pounds 23/3/09
Week 4 - Lost 2 Pounds new weight 16 Stone 8 Pounds 30/3/09
Week 5 - Lost 2 Pounds new weight 16 Stone 6 Pounds 6/4/09
Week 6 - Lost 2 Pounds new weight 16 Stone 4 Pounds 13/4/09
Week 7 - Lost 2 Pounds new weight 16 Stone 2 Pounds 20/4/09
Week 8 - Lost 4 Pounds new weight 15 Stone 12 Pounds 27/4/09
Week 9 - Lost 3.5 Pounds new weight 15 Stone 8.5 Pounds 3/5/09
Week 10 - Lost 2.5 Pounds new weight 15 Stone 6 Pounds 11/5/09
Week 11 - Lost 1.5 Pounds new weight 15 Stone 4.5 Pounds 18/5/09
Week 12 - Lost 3.5 Pounds new weight 15 Stone 1 Pounds 25/5/09

Total loss of 43 Pounds.

As you can see, I am losing around 2-3 pounds per week, at first I was hoping to lose more than that each week, but now I am convinced that this is a nice pace to lose it at :D
Hi Linny. I started Atkins early 2002, I was over 25 stone and my scales wouldn't weight me. After about 4 - 5 weeks on induction I saw the first move and was just under 25 stone. I stayed on induction for 6 months and lost about 6 stone in that period. I moved into OWL then until late 2005 when I was down to 14 stone, at that point I went on pre main for a few months until I reached 13 stone, I went into Maintenance at that point gained a few pounds and have been in maint ever since, so it's about 3 years on maint now and I'm finding it quite easy. Atkins isn't a quick fix in my eyes.
thanks guys, you are both an inspiration!!!!!!

You have convinced me it's Atkins all the way
LOL, then welcome aboard the Atkins weight loss train. :)
Welcome Linny, when I first considered doing the Atkins, it was Jim that inspired me too, his story is amazing and shows what a difference you can make to your life with just a few changes :)

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