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Question for people about dieting over xmas


Strong women stay slim
Hi All

Now I have restarted CD , and I was wondering about xmas , because I have alot to lose I will be still Dieting over that time and new year , I was wondering what other people will do around xmas and new year regarding CD . answers on a postcard please lol

I'm in two minds of how i'll be when it comes down to xmas , after all its only 2 days and can I just switch off and keep dieting .... but am I strong enough is my Question to myself....
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is a naughty girl...
This time last year I was 2 stone lighter, I took 2 weeks off over christmas and new year because of work meals, family gatherings and then I didn't want to get back into ketosis just to drink NYE and have to do it again. It was my biggest mistake, I messed around for a few months afterwards, and eventually stopped. I finally got back on track yesterday! This year I am staying on the diet :) x
AAh I dont`t know what to do either. I am thinking of doing an Atkins day on xmas. I don`t want to take a break am so so scared of not losing weight or taking a break then finding it difficult to get back on track.


Strong women stay slim
Yes , so many thoughts going around in my head over this one too .
I guess near the time I will know...
Wonder how many people are mixed up like me on this ...
cos them two days may go on longer who knows ...
This happened to me, on my birthday though...

I said, oh its only 2 days (weekend) and now its over a month without ketosis.

Tomorrow I am restarting a clean slate. So my advice is just get through without breaking ketosis, its hard but you and I can do it!
I did CD from Nov 07 to Feb 08 and lost 5 stone. I was incredibly determined and having tried and failed on a number of occasions before that, I had got to my biggest and decided to go for it. I was completely 100% - I did not let a morsel of normal food to pass my lips the whole time - this included xmas day. However, as it was at the halfway point, all my family and friends were so encouraging that every one undrestood that it was something i needed to do for me. And we were all used to it.
I honestly do believe that it is always more of a problem for other people than it ever is for the person doing it, i didn't find it difficult at all because i was 'in the zone' I guess. I lost six pounds over christmas and although I could have given myself a break, it was important for me to just keep ploughing on, mentally. Cos as we all know - it's always about what's in your head when it comes to food and weight issues.
So, to conclude - from experience I would say go for it - food and drink is only a fraction of all the fun at xmas - it's only a roast dinner after all :D and if you are on the right track stay on it. Cos it's a bloody nightmare to get back on it again.;)


Strong women stay slim
Triplewhooper , how did you restart go ?
Katyo , thats how much I need to lose 5 stone .... Yes its only roast dinner . Just two days , to a reward by not having xmas ...
You did well and your family stuck by you which I know is another battle for me , my family saying to not do CD at all let alone over xmas .
Hey MsJMC,

My restart is going "alright". I said this because it has taken me a month or so of "on" and "off's" to actually slap myself in the face and tell myself to go 100%.

Having that thought of: "Oh its just one little thing, only this time..."
Completely ruined my diet I was so proud of.
So this time I am full on, no more blips.

Getting into ketosis is harder the second time you fail because instead of the usual 3-4 days carb withdrawals, I am experiencing now really long and painful side effects.
Painkillers to easy my headaches and sleeping pills, it is that bad :(

But I am doing it and I am getting there, its all for a greater cause! ;)

How are you getting along now?
Hi, im new to this forum (but not to dieting!). I have decided that i need to be realistic about xmas if im to achieve and to do this i am having xmas day and boxing day off. I know this could be a risk, but if i know thats all im having and i eat sensibly those days i know i can get back to it. If i tell myself i wont be having any time off i may cheat which will dishearten me and i'll probley jack it in!!! I think you know what you're capable of, you have to stay true to yourself and your family should respect that.


Strong women stay slim
Thriplewhooper .

Have you had enough water ? get the first week out of the way see how you go ?
For me , my CDC never rang back rang head office as she is the only person in my town to do it as I don't drive . So CD for me is a no no now . I am starting SW today but i have in my mind to do meat days mainly as I know this woman from the school has loat what you lose on CD and why ? because thats what she did meats only allowed herself bread on a wed as weigh in day . I'm going to talk with her more when I see her but yes a stone a month .
Charlie , yes my family , its hard going around them when it comes to diets makes you wanna eat after being around them so negative ... but hey new start for me today I join my new group this morning so will be over on the boards of SW guys , will also be around the whole site still ... good luck to all
hey :)
I lost 21lbs before the summer then had a 'week off' to go to Glastonbury! Here I am in NOVEMBER trying yet again to start the diet again. Just be really strict with yourself and if you have a day off, just dont let it turn into a week off....cos that will turn into a month off!! good luck :)
Well said LeaV!

For me its all about being honest with myself first and foremost, so placing the cards on the table this is how I see it:

Xmas, new years, my missus and my own birthday are the only days I am planning to basically "fcuk up" my diet...

Not only for the fact that its only 8-10 days a year (assuming you enjoy christmas straight until new years), but because it keeps things into perspective for me.

This is a dilemma though because it requires a lot of willpower, and as we all know (or should) we tend to have big problems regarding willpower or else we would not be here on a weight loss support forum.

Having that into account, it is essential for me to quickly get back on track as soon as possible, and I plan to achieve this by being out as much as I can after, so I can see the day vanish before my eyes.
To do this I will pack some aspirins and pain killer for the inevitable headaches until I am back in ketosis.

So yeah, 10 days out of the year plus a week for each event to get back into ketosis, making lets say a month worth of being "off".

Call it crocked thinking or whatever those people at LighterLife call it, but I do plan and I will stick to my scheduled.
I have enjoyed the days celebrating but I must also endure the times I will be going back to ketosis.

The time "off" is nothing compared to the 27 years it took me to get like this, and I will certainly not let even 10% of that time to get me where I need to be, as I plan to do my hardcore diet for around a year.

So yeah, I will damn well enjoy those days, but as you are here my witness I will get back to where I was heading.

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