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question for the ladys

I used to put on 2lbs when I was having star weeks. Dont have them anymore, so cant use that as an excuse. If its your star week I really wouldnt worry, just take that into consideration, you will lose a lot the following week if you follow plan. Good luck


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Hi there, I haven't yet had a gain due to my * week. In fact I lost 2.5lbs last time.

I know people do, usually because of water retention, and I'm not sure if I've been lucky because I drink a LOT of water (which reduces retention) and have hot water and lemon every morning (it's a diuretic), but even if you do have a wee gain because of hormonal water retention it'll go away without you having to do anything "extra" so you could see a super dooper loss the next week.


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Yep - hormones slow down weight or make you gain. Every person is different and it could be different from month-to-month good luck! x


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try and make sure you drink plenty of water before and during so that you dont get that bloated feeling. i find that this works with me even though i dont really get them now, thanks to my marina. x Still get the feeling though, hormones etc


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Ive got the Merina Coil fitted and its horrible! :eek:\ Ive had it fitted 4.5years out soon, and im now getting regular "bleeds" and things. Could be down to the Endo though! x


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i have one too, was told i could put on up to 2 stone with it. i still get a monthly though. I have put on 1 half stone and trying so hard to lose it.
I used to actually lose on TOTM but after my loss this week and TOTM showing up today im not too sure that is what will be the case next wednesday morning, we shall see :)
My time of the month has had no effect either way on my weight losses- think I'm lucky though as it affects lots of women's weight. If if does affect you, remind yourself it does and you see the loss the next week.
This month I am pleased I have WW frozen puds in the freezer, as I just craved chocolate 30mins ago, so bunged a chocolate brownie pot in microwave for 30secs and there ya go! A gooey choc brownie for 8.5syns mmmm

If I stick like this and be good till tuesday night Im sure I wont have a gain at weigh in on Wednesday :eek:


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I dont normally gain weight either. i lost 2.5 last time and this time 1.5 lbs!!
I used to put on anything between 1 and 5lbs!

I've had a hysterectomy now though but still get a bloated feeling once a month, can i still call this *week?
I had a 2lb gain due to * week this week :-(
when im on i always seem to gain too, like the couple of days before ive had a lovely flat ish belly and then itll just pop :( lol but then next week there should be an even better loss :) xxxx
I've only had one * week so far and I was dreading wi! Im always so bloated and feel awful. I was so pleased that Id lost 2lbs. I've lost 2.5lbs at the other 2 wi's but was more than happy with my loss on * week especially as Id come in that day aswell! x

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