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Question for those doing Atkins

Hi.. I just have a quick question and can't find the answer anywhere. Hope someone here may be able to shed some light on a few questions I have.

On Atkins, is there a limit on the "fats" you eat. I know there is a limit on the carbs but never read anything about how we are to limit the fats to a certain amount. It just seems strange to me that you'd eat so many fats per day without going overboard. I know Atkins is all about "high fat" but still wanted to know if there is a certain limit to be watching out for.

Has anyone lost a lot of weight on Atkins? I'd love to hear your expierence. I have a friend that is looking into starting it up and want to help out as much as possible, I've been reading a lot about it online, but still can't find the answer to my question.

Also, do you limit/count calories?

Thanks for your help!

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hey there Ajoyner....not an atkins person myself, but my parents did it for many a year.

My parents never counted anything apart from the carbs, the fats etc didn't seem to matter for some reason?

I know they took L-Carnotine and L-gutomine along with some multi-vitamins to help them along the way. I think the L-Carnotine helps with the processing of the fat? They read sooooo much and did it all properly, hence the random pills!!

They both lost a few stone.....my dad about 3, my mum about 4. Thats all they had to go really.

Neither of them do it anymore...my dad just eats whatever but attempts to keep it lowish carb and my mum is on Cambridge which she enjoys.

Good luck!! sorry I didn't have more info for you!



I STILL mean it!
I lost 6 stone on it once, and ate LOADS of fat, and calories. Don't know how it works, but it does - as long as you stay off the carbs. I just started eating a few as I felt it wasn't healthy eating how I was, and, very quicky all the weight came back!
I am about to put a set of Atkins videos on e bay, with the book, if your friends are interested. (when I get back from holiday)
Ann x
Thanks ladies for your help, it really helped a lot. I found some more information last night on the computer about it too.. now I feel better prepared to help out. I just couldn't figure out if fat was supposed to be counted along with the carbs..

Thanks again!!

Anyone else lose weigh on Atkins and want to share your expierence? I'd love to hear.
Wow I was just checking your tickers.. You ladies are doing great.. do you mind me asking how you've been able to lose your weight.. WestHill.. is that 141 pounds lost?? How long did that take you and did you stick to 1 eating plan the whole time? I'd love to hear your story.


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I think that most of the girls who have lost the huge amounts in the very small space of time are on the SS Cambridge Diet, .. its a great diet and it really works. As we can all testify. I am on that diet too and I am on my 11th week. In that time as you can see I have lost 60 pounds. For the first time in my life, even though I have a lot more to lose, I am not afraid and I am sure that I will succeed because of the diet and because it works.

Good luck with your weight loss.

If you want to read a blog about somebody else who has done SS Cambridge try this one - this amazing girl lost more than 14 stones in less than a year.


Here I Go Again

Note the pictures when you first open the blog - bloomin' amazing.
WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW that's all I can say.. those pics are AMAZING!! GULP!!

I read a little about the cambridge diet, but how much does it cost? Does anyone know? Sorry so many questions.
Ya know, I was so excited about the pics I saw that I forgot to say I'm totally AMAZED at your progress so far on your weight loss.. 60 pounds in 11 weeks!! That's simply amazing!!! WOW!!! I'm really curious now about this diet plan and would love to learn more. Up until I came to this forum, I've never heard of it.


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Thanks .. the 60 was in 10 weeks I hope to have lost maybe another 4 or 5 for my 11th week.

If you look at the link below they are a list of counsellors and the home page of the Cambridge Diet - The CD Forum is down right now but it should be back up and running soon I hope. However, you can read about the diet and contact somebody to speak to in your area if you want to ask about it. Also there is a wealth of experience and knowledge amongst these lovely ladies.

Cambridge Diet find a counsellor

You should get all the info you need between them. I am 5'5" so I have 3 meals a day and it costs me £32.50 a week - now if that sounds expensive let me tell you that we are saving a fortune on supermarket shopping. So its cheaper for me!! AND Im getting thin, how bad can that be.

If you are over a certain height I think its 5'6 or something you need 4 meals a day. Prices may vary slightly I think.

Have a great day.
WOW.. I'm still amazed.. that is ALOT of weight lost in just 11 weeks.. CONGRATS GIRL.. Sending hugs your way, Im so happy for you!! Thank you also for all your help and information.. I'm going to check into this more .. that's for sure.

Thanks again!!
Keep us posted on your progress, now you have me super curious!!

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