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Question for those that have lost loads


escaping the fat
When i started at nearly 23st, obviously i was fat but apart from my belly which is wobbly the rest although big was pretty solid. Now im finding as the lbs drop away that its all gone soft and wobbly, especially my legs and bum. Did this happen to you? My mum used to say that when it goes soft its getting ready to come off, was she right? or am i gonna end up looking like a jelly? And does exercise really help with the loose skin, think ill get away with it everywhere except arms and thighs, will exercise make a difference or have i stretched it so much theres no hope of it going back?
Not gonna let it stop me, would rather have a bit of baggy skin than continue to live half a life, just curious really.:)
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Gone fishing
Yes, I remember it going all soft and wobbly. I imagined that the fat just wasn't so compact. Not very scientific though.

No, you don't end up all wobbly, but I have to be honest here, I do have some batwings, the insides of my thighs and stomach are rather ummmm, crinkly and my boobs hang. Little of this shows to the public though. I also have the turkey neck. Think I hate that the most.

No getting away from it. Exercise did help to a certain extent, but it's a bit hard to say for certain as I don't know what it would have been like if I hadn't exercised.

It certainly gave me firmness under the sagginess though, and possibly drew it in to a certain extent.

Oohhhh...but it's still all worth it a million fold...really, really, really. Don't let it distract you from the great job you're doing. This is fab place to be :)
I have just started my journey and this is something I really worry about to the thought of all this work and then looking all saggy is scary I am going to start swimming 3 times a week from next week as it is meant to help also moustarise your skin every bath time this will help to if all else false i am going for a tummy tuck and thigh lift and arm lift if i look terrible!


Gone fishing
I should add. I don't look terrible. Don't think so anyway ;)


escaping the fat
Thanks for the reassurance Karion. Im hopeful of being ok, think i have fairly elastic skin. Gave birth to a 10.7lb baby without a stretchmark in sight. Just nice to know all that fat is liquifying really and will drip, drip away. Dont think we can fight age though Karion and suspect the drooping boobs and chicken neck will happen anyway. Think ill sign up for extreme makeover now!


escaping the fat
I have just started my journey and this is something I really worry about to the thought of all this work and then looking all saggy is scary I am going to start swimming 3 times a week from next week as it is meant to help also moustarise your skin every bath time this will help to if all else false i am going for a tummy tuck and thigh lift and arm lift if i look terrible!
Moisturising is a good idea, i have a selection of body butters that i use every day, lovely SOFT, wobbly skin now! About to join a new gym to start the muscle toning and go swimming so doing my best.
I wish you all the best for your journey, you can do it.:)
ohh see i do have some strechmarks i do hope my skin goes back :( I think I may be next in line for extreme makeover :D


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
This was something I worried about too when I started - I was nearly 24 stone and was convinced I'd be tucking my stomach into my socks when I got to goal! :eek:

I've now lost 13 1/2 stone and my wobbly bits aren't bad at all - my stomach is a bit squidgy and the tops of my thighs are a bit wobbly, but it does seem to be getting better and it doesn't really worry me. I did lots of exercise when I was dieting and I definitely think it helped...........and the wobbliness is definitely worth the fab feeling I get when I look in the mirror! :D

Good luck with the rest of your journey x


Gold Member
My bingo wings are getting me down :sigh: .....as everything from waist up is quite slim for the rest of me and would love to wear vest type tops, but its just not gonna happen. :cry: Ithink under there the arms look a little firmer, but this droopy skin is such a let down, I wanna cut it off.......:eek:


escaping the fat
Jem 13 and a half stone is just amazing, think id be permanently admiring myself in the mirror. Well done.

Sonkie, yes the arms are my real worry too, always been huge and very conscious of people looking at them in summer tops. Hoping some weight training will help.


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I think alot depends on your age & whether you have enough collagen, as the older you get the less you have ie facial wrinkles etc.

I know what you mean about the almost empty feel under the skin. On other diets cus the weight loss is slower your skin reduces back at the same rate, but I think with CD cus weight loss is faster the skin needs a little extra time to catch up. You may find therefore 6m to a year after weight loss the skin will have finally settled.

Maybe this is why doc's prefer to wait a year after weightloss before they put you forward for any nip/tucks???? as well as making sure you can maintain!!!!


a bit different everyday
ohhh Happe i am so happy that you posted this, it has been worrying me for a few days now, i think that my arms look awful at the mo, and when i go downstairs fast my thighs ripple and wobble terribly, before as you say everything was sort of solid, karion and jem have reasurred me alot though!
i lost 6 stones 3 years ago with ww and i do remember the legs going jellyish for a while before firming up
[ yes i lost 6 stones and put back on 8 yikes :rolleyes: ]
but did have 2 more babies after i lost that weight
nat xxxxxxxx
just realised we have lost about the same and i have 30 or so more pounds to go more than you to goal, this has made me happy, maybe we can keep each other company :)


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Hate to say this, but I found that my face 'sags' now. Enough to make me look older than before, and enough to make my jowls that bit more obvious.

Everywhere else 'droops' following a large weight loss, so it makes sense that plump faces that slim down should sag, too.

Short of surgery we're stuck with it!
my Cs has said to me that you need to give you body a month to catch up with every stone you lose x I have huge arms but it has never bothered my wearing vest tops. It terms of that i think I must be slightly blinkered as i dont notice people looking at them !


has started again!!
So glad I spotted this thread as this is my big worry too. I have noticed my fat is sort of softer and squidgier too, at least its not my imagination!

I am hugely concerned over what will be left behind when I reach my goal. I have at least 10 stone to lose, maybe more, but that is my first target open to being re-assessed. My arms are already big and flappy, my thighs are ok at the mo, but I dont think much fats' gone from them yet, and my belly is nauseating. I use firming cream as often as I can and I have just ordered a lateral thigh trainer to help motivate myself into exercise. (cant face a gym at all....too much lycra and size zero for my liking!!!LOL)

I would love to be able to wear sleeveless vest tops this summer, but I doubt I will. Shorts are another thing, prob wont be very short. My boobs have sagged too, but I am not too worried as I hope a decent bra will boost them upwards a bit!! My face has lines I never saw before, around my mouth and jowls!!

All in all a sorry state but.......whoopeee!!! I am losing weight and getting healthier by the day. My OH loves what I am doing, and if I need my bingo wings and belly sorting in a couple of years, I'd better get saving!!!

Take care, best of luck!!


has started again!!

Try an exercise band. One hand holds it behind your back around bottom level. Your other arm reaches over the top of your shoulder to pull the band up an down. IE you are raising and lowering your arm from the elbow. You should feel it in the underneath of your arm if it is working.

Hope this makes sense!!
Hey Sonkie,

I have just invested in a yoga set off amazon- for £24 inc. P&P you get the resistance band with adjustable resistances, yoga bricks, a gym ball and pump, yoga mat, and 2 instructional vids plus a dvd as well!

It arrives next week- am hoping los of yoga/pilates will tone up all that loose skin!! (and maybe I'll even have abs at the end of it :-0 ) xxx

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